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Be Yourself & Be Good!

Extraordinary person.

Follow your heart, take a vacation ;)

Weakness or Strength?

Best choice at that moment.

Great Quotes to start your week!

What If God Was One Of Us! :0

Destiny !

Make every hour count!

Birthday Cards!

Quotes for more Good Mornings! :)

Good Morning Quotes

Lunch with God

Wear Sunscreen!

Wind beneath my Wings

Full distance

Life & Quotes for the week!

Chiquitita !!!


I have a Dream, A song to sing !!!

Tough stuff quotes

A Hero lies in you

Take a break-take control

Moti Vate ional SMSes ;)

Power of 'ONE'

Raindrops Keep Falling On My Head!!!


Do it!

Take a break to rejuvinate!

Hello People

Quotes/ Lyrics for this week

Start with yourself

Another day in Paradise

Cell phone Vs Bhagvad Gita

Book Quotes-The Zahir by Paulo Coelho

A gift you gift yourself!