Saturday, September 18, 2010

Vipassana: Guru Poornima at Global Pagoda

Hi Good day ppl!
This post is very late in coming. But better late then never. This is when we went for a 1day Vipassana session on Guru Poornima. The Global Pagoda had organised a 1day session on this occasion. It made it even more special since Guruji Goenka was going to grace the occasion, even though his health is not been well.

So me, papa, mummy & papa's friend, all 4 of us started at 7am. Reaching Gorai took us 1.5hours.

The first glimpse of the pagoda gladens the heart always :)

The salt dunes. The Salt is covered & stored in this way.

Rice fields.

A government of India center for Spirituality.

Esselworld entrance.

The gong. This one's sound will reach far & wide.

The main dome. Meditation hall. The pics dont do justice to its height.

It is spacious with big doors, state of the art sound equipment. Well provisioned to get you at peace & thoughtless within minutes.

Guruji arrives with his wife. Both of them move around in wheel chairs due to age.

They were seated on a rotating dias so that they could see everyone & vice versa. This event was attended by more than 3000 people coming in from around Maharashtra & maybe even further.

Guruji's voice is still firm & its tenure quickly soothes you even at this age. All that he explains in never rehearsed, all on the spot & fit for the occasion. He took the metta session (give blessings & thanks to everyone, once you are done with a meditation session). This time he explained the meaning of dhamma or religion, how one gets introduced to pure dhamma when his proper time comes, .... Both of their faces glow with the pure aura they emit.

The chakra which has begun to spread the Vipassana technique again in India through these centers & Guruji's dedication & efforts.

Its construction is still under way. Heard the tinkling of the bells after a long time. Music to the ears.

Resorts around Gorai beach & village.

Attained peace of mind hope it lasts atleast for 1week ;) on the way back home.

Mom watching the Powai lake

The Powai lake.
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Hope you atleast visit the Global Pagoda,Gorai if you cannot attend a 10day Vipassana session. You wont be allowed to attend 1day session unless you have done 1 10day course.

Bhavatu Sabba Mangalam

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Sunday, September 12, 2010

Festivals:Ganpati 2010

Ganpati Bappa Morya!

Good day ppl !
Hows the long weekend+ celebrations treating you? After a hectic,productive week at week, we thoroughly deserved the loong weekend :).

Eid Mubarak & Ganpati Bappa Morya to all of you.

The first day of Ganpati-11th sept2010, was full on happiness & enthusiasm for all. We dont have Ganpati at our home just a special pooja.

This was record: We could have darshan of 5 ganpati's on the very first day :)

The durva (grass with 3nodes) kanthi(string of durva) & jaswand(hibiscus) flowers please Ganpati. The durva kanthi was sent by my maushi(aunt) & Jaswand from papa's flower garden. This Ganpati frame was bought on my 1st birthday. It always soothes once you look at it when stressed ;).

My cousin brother has started hosting Ganpati for 1.5days since last year. He is a total devotee & very found of this deity.

The eyes are always beautiful & captivating. If you allow it to transfix you, you are sure to feel light as a feather in no time, guaranteed ! :D

His enthususiam of arranging the whole event & making sure each of us relatives attend it is contagious. May Ganpati bappa bless you & everyone.

Another family friend's daughter bought a new house in Nerul & hosted the Ganpati for the first time. She doesnt know much about the rituals & things to do, but here faith & dedication counts.

Another Ganpati celebration in their building premises. This one was sweet,cute & calm.

We passed a lot of idols on the way. There was no rain, very strange after 2days of heavy rain. Ganpati bappa wants all his devotees to take darshan easily it seems ;).

Our colony type 5 Ganpati. Guess its in the Peshwa look. I have still to visit the main colony Ganpati at Gangadhar Deshmukh hall.

Another family friends Ganpati, who stay on the floor below us.

I am stuffed with all the sweets especially all the modak's I had in a single day. Gym, here I come :D

Will update this post for more Ganapati celebrations.
Attendance at Lal baug cha Raja & other ganpati mandals

Ganpati Bappa Morya!!!