#AtoZ Challenge 2016: Letter J for Jaipur

Greetings People,
Sorry for the absense. But here we are to continue the #AtoZChallenge 2016.
Our contribution for Letter J is about photos from my Jaipur trip.

You can read all about Jaipur at:

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Alsisar Hotel.
This was Alsisar Haveli with just 10rooms. Looking at the tourism boom, it was converted into a 2 storied hotel with the rustic look but having all the modern facilities. It was lovely staying here for 3days. View more pictures of the Hotel at: Alsisar Hotel and Chowkidhani

Hava Mahal
Haval Mahal or Palace of Breeze is a 5storied with 950 windows. It was built by the Maharaja as an extension of the Janana or Queen's chamber so that the Queens could watch the daily life outside the Palace without being seen. The windows are perfect for circulation of cool breeze. But our guide said its not worth the effort to climb all those 5 stories of stairs. I wish we hadnt listened to him. Read a fullfledged virtual tour by Sundari at Hava Mahal

 City Palace

This is inside the City Palace in the Queens chambers. The royalty when come out in the balcony, can be seen from here. Each door of this chamber is decorated with the season theme. This one is Rainy season with Peacock motif.

Ganesh Pol of Amber Fort

Char baug, one of the landscaped garden within the fort

Amber Fort is a massive fort-palace complex. Forbidding on the outside but so lavish inside, will put even 7star international Hotels to shame. The layouts, artwork, genius way to bring comfort to the kings and queens is simply mindblowing. Read in detail Travel: Jaipur-Amber or Amer Palace and Jal Mahal

Jaipur is a must visit location. If you plan in advance you can cover it in one day or leisurely take a week :)

Better late than never, this is our post for Letter J: