Monday, April 17, 2017

Whats that pic-47

Greetings People !
Sorry for the loong gap in posts :)
But lets start on a funny note gain. Some more pics today for our Whats that pic series.

Washroom/ Toilet/ Lavatory/ Loo/ Restroom... some of the names we use.
But here are some versions I found recently:

I am sure we have seen many such spelling blunders or ways of expressing diplomatically ;)

Show us more funny pics if you have seen :)

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Saturday, October 29, 2016

Event: Drape a Smile, Initiative by JAMMs

Good day People !
Happy Diwali Everyone ! May you have a fun-filled, prosperous, healthy Diwali :)

We are celebrating Diwali with much fan-fare. But there are some who cant afford a basic sweet on those 5days.
JAMMs has taken up an Initiative for the Woman of the House, to drape them in a Saree and give them something to deck up in this festive season. Our target is 910 sarees by Nov 14th, 2016.

One of the Initiative I was part of earlier with JAMMs:
Event: Mast Santa organised by JAMM's, one bag leading to empowerment

Drape a Smile, Initiative by JAMMs

DRAPE A SMILE – JAMM’s 5th Social Initiative 

JAMM’s unveils its latest social initiative ‘DRAPE A SMILE’, where all the ‘Mast Moms’ of the JAMM’s network are being encouraged to donate sarees for underprivileged women who are less fortunate than us. The goal is to collect 910 sarees to commemorate the 910 days that JAMMs network has been in existence.

Mothers from all walks of life know the meaning of the word ‘sacrifice’. Even the upwardly mobile metro dwellers have had to sacrifice their time and career at the altar of motherhood. But these underprivileged women give up so much more – to ensure their children and families have a happy Diwali, they slave away to make the basic sweets and use their meager savings to buy their children new clothes – there is seldom anything left for themselves. During a festival where new clothes are almost de rigueur; these women do without!

Almost all of us have some sarees packed away which we have never used, either because they were gifted to us and not quite our style, or merely because we don’t feel like wearing sarees. This is the perfect opportunity from JAMM’s to not just de-clutter your closet but do a good deed this festive season as well. 30 drop points have been set up across the city by volunteer moms to streamline the process of donating sarees. The saree donation drive will continue till 14th November 2016.

Think about it, this Diwali as a woman in some corner of the country is draping her new saree gifted by you she is also draping a smile on her face. That joy is simply priceless!

So collect all the sarees you havent used in a while and go drop them at the centers mentioned. I have collected a few, how about you? Glad to be part of JAMMs :)

About JAMM’s:
JAMMs network
JAMMs network

Ritu Gorai
Ritu Gorai

Journey About Mast Moms / JAMM’s network - is an award winning social initiative for Mumbai & Navi Mumbai based mothers. Vision is to connect and communicate with like-minded mothers both online and offline, JAMM's is a no-nonsense and complete "Momsense" support group for networking led by Ritu Gorai. In a very brief period of time JAMM's has grown in strength and currently has over 13,000 mothers connected via whats app groups & a secret Facebook group and their numbers are growing every day!

JAMM's is also very socially conscious and regularly organizes workshops, talks and events for its members across the city on topics as varied as dealing with teenage angst to cancer screening. It has hosted over 100 workshops in the last 910 days & every single intervention is complimentary. Last year around Diwali time, JAMMs had initiated ‘i-Light; and had gifted 550 white canes and dark glasses to the visually impaired in Mumbai

JAMM’s has been felicitated by ‘Entrepreneur Excel’ for women empowerment in Dec 2015, winner of WOW award in May 2016, winner of Womennovator award & has also been nominated for the prestigious international ‘Manthan’ award for digital empowerment & not misusing technology

Mob: +91 9930203454
TWITTER handle:

Check out other activities and Events we enjoyed with JAMMs:

Lets Drape a Smile this Diwali :)
Bye. Take care.

Sunday, October 2, 2016

Event: Eco-Friendly Ganesha Idol making workshop with JAMMs at The Culture Studio, Mulund

Greetings People !
Ganpati festival is over. So this post is late since I had 5day Gauri-Ganpati at my house. But still would like to share the wonderful experience we had of making Ganesha Idols in an eco-friendly way thanks to JAMMs and The Culture Studio. Check my Prasad contribution for our family Ganpati, Event: Mithai Cupcake workshop by Chef Anees at APB Studio with JAMMs

JAMMs mommy+kids Eco Ganesha Idol Making workshop at The Culture Studio, Mulund
JAMMs mommy+kids Eco Ganesha Idol Making workshop at The Culture Studio, Mulund
Our Ganesha Idol was submerged in the artificial lake with our family Ganpati and Gauri idols.

Introductions ! Getting to know more about the Teachers, JAMMs and The Culture Studio
Introductions ! Getting to know more about the Teachers, JAMMs and The Culture Studio

JAMMs, our no-nonsense only Momsense Mommy group tied up with The Culture Studio to conduct this fun & learning workshop for kids and mommies. It gave the kids a glimpse into the Ganesha festival, unique experience to play with hands with Shadu (natural clay from river beds), tenacity to complete something, satisfaction of creating something so divine. All the mommies agreed it was like meditation or had a calming experience on each of them.
Step by Step we make our Ganu Bappa !

Thanks to the Teacher Pankaj Patil and his team who very patiently taught step by step how to make the Idols. The way they explained it in simple terms gave us non-crafty-hands moms confidence that we can do justice in making a good-looking Ganesha ;)
Kids offline bonding & showing off their Creations :)
Kids offline bonding & showing off their Creations :)

Thanks to JAMMs and The Culture Studio for organizing this workshop. The Culture Studio is becoming a hub for superb, unique sessions. The 2 ladies founders want people to come join The Culture Studio by participating or conducting sessions there. They have a huge space which can host conferences or dance sessions or any workshops for that matter. Its a warm, friendly, well equipped space. Do check it out.

Know more about:
JAMMs : JAMM's is a no-nonsense & complete Momsense support group for social networking amongst Mumbai / New Mumbai based mothers. We connect online + offline ! It empowers mothers to come back into the workforce with their talents, hobbies, business they build and networking.
Whatsapp Ritu, CEO of JAMMS: +91 99302 03454
JAMMs Network: Facebook
JAMMs: Website

The Culture Studio:  It provides the community with a meltingpot for different discussions. Things of interest for all age groups. A place where you can spend time doing what you really enjoy. Things that your heart desires.A place to listen, learn, discuss and share.
Facebook page
Phone no:+91 9820110046

The other workshops we have participated with JAMMs:

Let us know of cool things you do especially for Kids ;)

Bye. Take care.

Thursday, August 25, 2016

Event: Mithai Cupcake workshop by Chef Anees at APB Studio with JAMMs

Good day!
Another JAMMs workshop at APB Studio :)

My nevadya to my Bappa: Mithai Cupcakes with Modak filling and grated coconut frosting :)
 This is what my Bappa got as Nevadya from my side. Each year I try to make something different for Ganpati. Thank you Chef Anees, Chef Rushina, APB studios and JAMMs for teaching me this :)

This was a Mithai Cupcake workshop by Chef Anees of  StarAnise P√Ętisserie.
The festive season is coming soon and I was thinking of what to make for Ganpati which is eggless and can be served as Prasad. Last year I had made Coconut center white chocolate modaks. So this workshop was perfect for me. Check what I made for Ganpati at the end of the post.

 We registered and I was thrilled to be at APB studio again. The first I had attended Event: JAMMs Book Club meet and Book Reading by Kiran Manral

So 25 JAMMies gathered at Yummy Mummy Chef Rushina's APB Studio in Andheri East. Know more about the studio at:


Chef Anees has his own P√Ętisserie at StarAnis . We started with basic introductions and questions by Chef Anees about baking. Then we made batter for Cupcake and different fillings and flavors of Mithai for the Cupcakes. We made the Modak filling Cupcake and the Gajar Halwa flavored Cupcake.

How to make them look drool worthy was shown by Chef Anees. Trust me, they were yum to the core :) He showed how we can let our creativity run amok with these mithai flavours and cupcakes. The other cupcakes he had pre-made to show us as example. The workshop was hosted by Sprig and we used Sprig Natural Color extracts instead of Oil based or Food Colours.

Chef Rushina gave us a classy and now-in-trend dessert idea: Mithai Jar Dessert. We had fun watching how she piled all the sugary sweet flavors and decorated it with a lil sparkle by Chef Anees.

The JAMMs mommies. A lot of them are Home Bakers and their questions, tips helped others to understand a lot about baking. Chef Anees kept giving small small tips like why your cakes become hard when batter is stirred a lot or why they dip or sugar and its types or shops to buy your baking stuff from.

JAMMs with Chef  Anis and Chef Rushina at APB Studio

 We also met Food bloggers: Mumbai Food Diaries and 2BlissofBaking.

Know more about:
JAMMs : JAMM's is a no-nonsense & complete Momsense support group for social networking amongst Mumbai / New Mumbai based mothers. We connect online + offline ! It empowers mothers to come back into the workforce with their talents, hobbies, business they build and networking.
Whatsapp Ritu, CEO of JAMMS: +91 99302 03454
JAMMs Network: Facebook
JAMMs: Website

APB Studio: A fun place to host a party and cookout no cookin :). Follow them for Cooking sessions and activities.
APB Website
APB on Facebook
APB Cook Studio @APBCookStudio
Twitter Chef Rushina @RushinaMG 

Chef Anis and StarAnis:
Facebook StarAnise
Twitter StarAnis @_star_anise
Twitter Chef Anees @chefanees

Sprig Website

Mumbai Food Diaries:


Let you know when I bake a Mithai Cupcake batch.
Read more posts about JAMMs at

Till then Bye. Take care.

Monday, August 8, 2016

Event: Greek Food PopUp by Dont Give a Fork and Lady MacBake

Good day people !
On Sunday 31 July, we were invited for a Greek Food Popup since we Won a couple pass to their Twitter Greek Contest. Lucky me !
I have heard about Food Popups happening and seen pictures of Payal Bhuptani's Sri Lankan Food PopUp. But this was the First time I was attending one.

 Greek Food PopUp by Dont Give a Fork and Lady MacBake

Payal owns Don't Give a Fork blog. She is a food blogger, an ice cream marketer, superb Chef among many other things. Payal cooked the non-veg dishes for this popup. Her FB page: Don't Give a Fork

Her Co-Chef Upasana Maheshwari owns Lady MacBake and you should see her FB page: Lady MacBake! Amazing !

So I was super excited to go for this Food PopUp. Also after reading the Menu, the Eggetarian me was a little relieved.


Food PopUps are organized by people who want to cook something different and invite people to eat and pay for these exotic delicacies.

Don't Give a Fork has done 7 such Food PopUps. They are anything but ordinary cuisines. From Sri Lankan to South African to European to our Current one Greek !

The latest which we were attending the Greek Food PopUp was at Road House Bluez, Andheri West. Its a cool place. Check the pics and you will like it.
I even blogged about that Huge Bulb at entrance: Bulb Jala?

Their Bar is well stocked, Hubby tried a Local beer called Bira & he liked it. I liked its Logo :D Cute Monkey, isnt it ;)

Payal's hubby Pratyush is a lead guitarist in band Twist to break Seal and he along with his friend kept us entertained with some lovely Live numbers. Some Retro some Originals by their band. It was a superb experience of Good place, weather with cool drizzles, good food and foot-tapping music Live.

Chicken Souvlaki, Hubby loved it
The Non-veg Entree was Chicken Souvlaki. Greek Chicken Skewers marinated and grilled with some lovely herbs. Hubby loved it.

The Veg entree was Saganaki Greek Cheese deep fried. It was totally different than the Cheese you have here. Salty and the deep frying gave it a crunchy top layer. Tip: Squeeze Lime to enhance the taste.

Spanakorizo and  Patatokeftedes with Mushroom Stifado 
The Main course was heavy :) In Veg we had Spanakorizo, a pilaf. I Googled it, Pilaf is a dish in which rice is cooked in a seasoned broth. Here it was made of 3 ingredients: Spinach, Rice, Feta all cooked in vegetable stock and garnished with Dill leaves.
Then there were these 2 fluffy balls and mushrooms sauce. The balls were made from potatoes, cheese and herbs. Deep fried and superb to taste, gave lovely company to the mushroom sauce.
The rice portion was too much for me to finish :D

Soutzoukakla. Image from:
The non veg main course dish was Soutzoukakla which is lamb meat balls cooked in traditional greek passata. Hubby polished it off.

Galaktoboureko with Kourabledes crumble 
The desert was delicious. Not too sweet and too bland. Perfect! I liked the Golden brown phyllo pastry which had a lovely scent too it. Read the description in the menu and you know there is so much to it. Not a crumb to be left behind, mind it !

Ok, now I am stuffed and ready to go to heaven (read bed). But we wait to meet the 2 Chefs who were busy in the kitchen and we can give our compliments before we leave.

Upasana Maheshwari and Payal Bhuptani
Here are the 2 lovely magic weaving ladies. Clap and Pat on your backs for such a lovely experience!
Cheers to 100more Food PopUps!

Thank you so much for organizing and inviting us. Loved it and would surely spread the word.

Go visit all their pages and show some Love:
Payal Bhuptani's
Blog: Don't Give a Fork
Facebook page: Don't Give a Fork
Twitter: @DGAFork

Upasana Maheshwari's:
Blog: Lady MacBake
Facebook page: Lady MacBake

Music by Pratyush and band
Facebook page: Twist to Break Seal

Road House Bluez
Twitter: @RoadHouseBluez

I think I love food if it comes with a unique, appealing experience.
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atleast a few of them ;)

Hope to do some more interesting stuff and write about it.

Bye. Have a fantastic week ahead ! Take care !