Thursday, August 25, 2016

Event: Mithai Cupcake workshop by Chef Anees at APB Studio with JAMMs

Good day!
Another JAMMs workshop at APB Studio :)

My nevadya to my Bappa: Mithai Cupcakes with Modak filling and grated coconut frosting :)
 This is what my Bappa got as Nevadya from my side. Each year I try to make something different for Ganpati. Thank you Chef Anees, Chef Rushina, APB studios and JAMMs for teaching me this :)

This was a Mithai Cupcake workshop by Chef Anees of  StarAnise P√Ętisserie.
The festive season is coming soon and I was thinking of what to make for Ganpati which is eggless and can be served as Prasad. Last year I had made Coconut center white chocolate modaks. So this workshop was perfect for me. Check what I made for Ganpati at the end of the post.

 We registered and I was thrilled to be at APB studio again. The first I had attended Event: JAMMs Book Club meet and Book Reading by Kiran Manral

So 25 JAMMies gathered at Yummy Mummy Chef Rushina's APB Studio in Andheri East. Know more about the studio at:


Chef Anees has his own P√Ętisserie at StarAnis . We started with basic introductions and questions by Chef Anees about baking. Then we made batter for Cupcake and different fillings and flavors of Mithai for the Cupcakes. We made the Modak filling Cupcake and the Gajar Halwa flavored Cupcake.

How to make them look drool worthy was shown by Chef Anees. Trust me, they were yum to the core :) He showed how we can let our creativity run amok with these mithai flavours and cupcakes. The other cupcakes he had pre-made to show us as example. The workshop was hosted by Sprig and we used Sprig Natural Color extracts instead of Oil based or Food Colours.

Chef Rushina gave us a classy and now-in-trend dessert idea: Mithai Jar Dessert. We had fun watching how she piled all the sugary sweet flavors and decorated it with a lil sparkle by Chef Anees.

The JAMMs mommies. A lot of them are Home Bakers and their questions, tips helped others to understand a lot about baking. Chef Anees kept giving small small tips like why your cakes become hard when batter is stirred a lot or why they dip or sugar and its types or shops to buy your baking stuff from.

JAMMs with Chef  Anis and Chef Rushina at APB Studio

 We also met Food bloggers: Mumbai Food Diaries and 2BlissofBaking.

Know more about:
JAMMs : JAMM's is a no-nonsense & complete Momsense support group for social networking amongst Mumbai / New Mumbai based mothers. We connect online + offline ! It empowers mothers to come back into the workforce with their talents, hobbies, business they build and networking.
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APB Studio: A fun place to host a party and cookout no cookin :). Follow them for Cooking sessions and activities.
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Chef Anis and StarAnis:
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Sprig Website

Mumbai Food Diaries:


Let you know when I bake a Mithai Cupcake batch.
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Till then Bye. Take care.

Monday, August 8, 2016

Event: Greek Food PopUp by Dont Give a Fork and Lady MacBake

Good day people !
On Sunday 31 July, we were invited for a Greek Food Popup since we Won a couple pass to their Twitter Greek Contest. Lucky me !
I have heard about Food Popups happening and seen pictures of Payal Bhuptani's Sri Lankan Food PopUp. But this was the First time I was attending one.

 Greek Food PopUp by Dont Give a Fork and Lady MacBake

Payal owns Don't Give a Fork blog. She is a food blogger, an ice cream marketer, superb Chef among many other things. Payal cooked the non-veg dishes for this popup. Her FB page: Don't Give a Fork

Her Co-Chef Upasana Maheshwari owns Lady MacBake and you should see her FB page: Lady MacBake! Amazing !

So I was super excited to go for this Food PopUp. Also after reading the Menu, the Eggetarian me was a little relieved.


Food PopUps are organized by people who want to cook something different and invite people to eat and pay for these exotic delicacies.

Don't Give a Fork has done 7 such Food PopUps. They are anything but ordinary cuisines. From Sri Lankan to South African to European to our Current one Greek !

The latest which we were attending the Greek Food PopUp was at Road House Bluez, Andheri West. Its a cool place. Check the pics and you will like it.
I even blogged about that Huge Bulb at entrance: Bulb Jala?

Their Bar is well stocked, Hubby tried a Local beer called Bira & he liked it. I liked its Logo :D Cute Monkey, isnt it ;)

Payal's hubby Pratyush is a lead guitarist in band Twist to break Seal and he along with his friend kept us entertained with some lovely Live numbers. Some Retro some Originals by their band. It was a superb experience of Good place, weather with cool drizzles, good food and foot-tapping music Live.

Chicken Souvlaki, Hubby loved it
The Non-veg Entree was Chicken Souvlaki. Greek Chicken Skewers marinated and grilled with some lovely herbs. Hubby loved it.

The Veg entree was Saganaki Greek Cheese deep fried. It was totally different than the Cheese you have here. Salty and the deep frying gave it a crunchy top layer. Tip: Squeeze Lime to enhance the taste.

Spanakorizo and  Patatokeftedes with Mushroom Stifado 
The Main course was heavy :) In Veg we had Spanakorizo, a pilaf. I Googled it, Pilaf is a dish in which rice is cooked in a seasoned broth. Here it was made of 3 ingredients: Spinach, Rice, Feta all cooked in vegetable stock and garnished with Dill leaves.
Then there were these 2 fluffy balls and mushrooms sauce. The balls were made from potatoes, cheese and herbs. Deep fried and superb to taste, gave lovely company to the mushroom sauce.
The rice portion was too much for me to finish :D

Soutzoukakla. Image from:
The non veg main course dish was Soutzoukakla which is lamb meat balls cooked in traditional greek passata. Hubby polished it off.

Galaktoboureko with Kourabledes crumble 
The desert was delicious. Not too sweet and too bland. Perfect! I liked the Golden brown phyllo pastry which had a lovely scent too it. Read the description in the menu and you know there is so much to it. Not a crumb to be left behind, mind it !

Ok, now I am stuffed and ready to go to heaven (read bed). But we wait to meet the 2 Chefs who were busy in the kitchen and we can give our compliments before we leave.

Upasana Maheshwari and Payal Bhuptani
Here are the 2 lovely magic weaving ladies. Clap and Pat on your backs for such a lovely experience!
Cheers to 100more Food PopUps!

Thank you so much for organizing and inviting us. Loved it and would surely spread the word.

Go visit all their pages and show some Love:
Payal Bhuptani's
Blog: Don't Give a Fork
Facebook page: Don't Give a Fork
Twitter: @DGAFork

Upasana Maheshwari's:
Blog: Lady MacBake
Facebook page: Lady MacBake

Music by Pratyush and band
Facebook page: Twist to Break Seal

Road House Bluez
Twitter: @RoadHouseBluez

I think I love food if it comes with a unique, appealing experience.
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atleast a few of them ;)

Hope to do some more interesting stuff and write about it.

Bye. Have a fantastic week ahead ! Take care !

Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Whats that pic-46

Good day People !
On Sunday we won a Twitter Contest and were invited to a Greek Food PopUp by Don't Give a Fork and Lady Macbake at Road House Bluez.

This photo is from the entrance. I loved the concept of Light Bulb !
Bulb Jala ?

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Or the entire Whats that pic series.

Wait up for some more in this series :D

Till then Bye. Take Care.

Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Event: Umbrella Painting with JAMM mommies and kids at Bright Beginnings Preschool, Thane

Greetings People,
This is a late post for a fun activity me and my son were part of. It was a mother-child Umbrella Painting workshop at Bright Beginnings Preschool at Talaopali, Thane for JAMMies.

We were asked to get an Umbrella, paint brush, fabric paints and oh yes kid(s). I know the attention span of my 3yr old and his artistic side so I didnt expect much.

My son has been to Bright Beginnings Preschool for the Jungle Cubs Summer camp they conducted in May. He and his friend had fun going there for 10days to jump, hop, crawl, shoot hops, climb, do cart wheels,... basically FreePlay, everything which kids love doing in and this being in a padded secure space so good for us parents.

Bright Beginnings Preschool is a brain child of Shweta Nayak and Benita. They are 2 enthusiastic women who have brought a different aspect to preschool and teaching.

We had the teachers from the preschool to help us. With our Umbrella's unfurled, the teacher asked the kids what theme they wanted to paint on the umbrella and drew with chalk raindrops, rainbows, clouds, sun, moon, stars,...

The kids depending on their age painted with the fabric paints assisted by their mommies. They were going to choose winners so everyone tried to paint their best. It was a riot of colors in the room, umbrella, hands, clothes :D Next time I am going to make my kid wear an apron ;)

In 1 hour we had recycled, makeover-umbrella's set to dry. Till the umbrella and their paint dried, we did a round of introductions and asked Shweta to tell us more about the Preschool.

The Bright Beginnings Preschool has:
-Preschool for toddlers
-Daycare. You can keep the kids on hourly basis too apart from 6days a week. I am going to try the hourly basis daycare sometime soon as my kid loves the place, I am sure it will be great.
-Russian Ballet: This is first time in Thane. There are basic and advanced batches for little ballerinas :).
-Story telling sessions
-Manners and beyond session
-Jungle Cub session
-Mother-Toddler programs
-They are soon going to start a Book Exchange program.

We announced 3 winners and the kids were pulled out of the Play area where they played to their hearts content.
It was fun meeting so many JAMMies again and also get to know Bright Beginnings Preschool. The event let us mommies relax and let the kids have fun around their mommies. It was a great bonding activity for fellow mommies and mother-kids.

Check out :
Bright Beginnings Preschool

Join JAMMs on:
JAMM's is a no-nonsense & complete Momsense support group for social networking amongst Mumbai / New Mumbai based mothers. We connect online + offline ! It empowers mothers to come back into the workforce with their talents, hobbies, business they build and networking.

See all the fun things I have done being a JAMMy ;)

Hoping to spend some more Mother-son time very soon.

Till then Have a great week ahead.
Take care !

Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Event: Poetry Tuesday, Thane at Cafe Verve

Good day people !
Didnt I tell you Thane is becoming one of the Happening places ;)

So recently I was introduced by my Poet+Author friend to the concept of Poetry Tuesday(PT) happening in Thane since 5years. It happens on first Tuesday of each month, currently in Cafe Verve, opp Talaopali and very near Thane station west side. Its an initiative by MaxMeet Social.
Best part Entry is Free and anyone can join.

So last month I decided to join my friend. Like all poetry sessions, this starts at around 8pm and goes on till 11pm or till Cafe Verve doesnt shut down :) Btw Cafe Verve is an awesome cool Cafe, lovely quite place, good range of coffee/tea/snacks/drinks,... a superb place for meetup, chill or work.

This was their 58th PT and also anniversary celebrating 5years completion. The entire show is organised and anchored by Anish Vyavahare and his team. They decide a theme each for each Poetry Tuesday. For this it was 'Night time' and you recite your poem on the Theme. The best part each Poet or Poetess gets a chance to recite their verses.

I like many of them was part of the audience, loved every minute of the session and was till the end. Listening to so many young and young at heart recite some lovely rhyming verses, I would have too penned down a line or two ;)

Snapping your fingers in repetition is a way of applauding without interrupting the Poem, I got to know here.

Since this being their anniversary they had a lot of announcements to make. They are going Big now. Making a website, publishing an illustrated anthology of poems from their poets, starting PT Special which will exclusively feature a few of their best Poet or Poetess.
Crowd for Poetry Tuesday 58, Cafe Verve, Thane

The next is happening tomorrow on 5th July 2016 and its Theme is 'Close quarters in the Rain'.
Check out their FB event: Poetry Tuesday 59 - Close Quarters in the Rains!

Join in even if you cant string two rhyming sentences together like me.

I hope to join in as many times as possible for PTs and their other activities.

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Until next time Bye and Take Care !