Food: Lassi near Dadar Station, Jai Shri Krishna Dairy Farm

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With winter comes a big appetite for all yummy things. So last week our office organised a Pasta lunch. The Pasta was made by none other than our Head HR with assistance from our canteen staff. It was  very good. So in afternoon me and my friend ventured out towards Dadar station. I mentioned to her that there is a very old Lassi place there. She said yes and so we went to have a Lassi on a warm December noon.

So we went to Jai Shri Krishna Dairy Farm lassi shop. I doubt any one knows the name of the place, its just recognised as Lassi shop opposite Nakshatra Mall and towards Kabutar Khana.

This place is very quaint like most places around Dadar and also very mediocre. The shop actually looks like it an alley. There is long corridor with long benches on either side.

The guys serving will be rotating trays of lassi, you mention if you want a full glass or half. They serve you as they pass by.

I had a half glass. The lassi is preety thick and the best part is its topped with thick slices of malai/cream.

At the entrance the owners sit with their wares. Pots of lassi and a huge tray filled with the Malai.
They also sell milk, curd. Check the costs.

The counter was manned by 2 brothers, the younger one being the extrovert, who wanted me to capture him in the photo too while the older one slide away out of the shop.

The elder one told us the shop was more than 25years old. It was started by their Uncle in the 1990's. We told him the lassi was very good and still had the same taste, no adulteration but the cost had risen a lot.

I remember having it with previous office friends for 15Rs.

Still its a must-go place for an awesome Lassi.

There are more Lassi outlets, famous ones being Kailash Mandir, Prakash, Panshikar all around Dadar.

Check out all these & let me know how you liked their lassi and if I missed out any more outlets.

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  1. Hi
    You are back to blogging regularly and I am glad to see that. :)
    Nice post! We usually go further down to the Batata Vada shop - the best probably in Mumbai. They don't serve pavs along with the vadas. But I did not know about this lassi shop. Would definitely like to try. I know Nakshatra mall. Will ask you next time I go to that area. Thanks for the recommendation.


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