#AtoZ Challenge 2016: Letter Q for Queue

Greetings People,
Letter Q for Queue. We most of our lives are in a Queue for something or the other. Here are a few pics I have clicked of the Queues.

Queue for the Bus and then get on the Ship to watch The Flamingo's organised by BNHS every year at Sewri Jetty, Mumbai

For Darshan of the Lalbaug cha Raja. Some stand for a few hours to a couple of days.

You wont mind standing in queue at Prakash Uphar Gruh for this.
Queue for darshan of Vithal at Wadala temple for Ekadashi
Again for darshan of Tulja Bhavani at Tuljapur
Our post for Letter Q:

9 more letters to go !


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    1. Haha Thank you Sundari ! That was the first topic for Q=Quirky but I already used up those pics for 'H'umour.


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