Monday, June 27, 2011

Whats that pic-8

Hi good day everyone!
Guess how I was greeted today morning:

Every monsoon we have a Live Orchestra every night in the ground opposite our building. The band members are frogs, toads,crickets along with regulars-stray dogs.

This year it has started earlier due to the nala created to drain off water from the ground. This became the breeding ground for them.

Today was exceptional. Morning 6am as I got out for gym I could see movement in the small pond formed in the center of the ground. First I thought its small birds, then on careful observation noticed YELLOW frogs leaping around.

Wished I had my camera but was getting late. So when I returned saw a huge crowd of muncipality school children curiously watching this wonder. Quickly went & got my camera. Clicked a couple of pics. By then the kids were getting bolder & were ready to pelt them with stones. Thankfully their teachers came around & got everyone back in school.

The mating season is going for them so according to the info I could find on google, the male toads croak to attract the females.
I still couldnt find the exact name of these unusual coloured frogs/toads. I have seen grey, green, black,... frogs but Yellow is a first timer.

Update: Got more info after mailing Varad Giri
These are the Indian Bull Frogs. This is one of the largest frogs in India. During the breeding season the males become bright yellow with blue vocal sacs.

Throughout the day & even night the place was frequented by curious crowds, nature lovers, photographers,...

Please let me know more info about these amphibians.

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Croak Croak = Bye bye :)

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Whats that pic-7

Hi good day ppl!
What did I do this weekend? I decided to rest, do my pending tasks, gym, do some pace walking,... but more of spend time with myself.

While sitting in my balcony on Sunday afternoon after lunch was admiring the plants, the kites soaring in the sky, the voices of children playing in the ground below, the cool breeze,.....

My attention was caught by this scene:

What does it say to you?

To me it was like the answer to my all time question: What next should I do in Life?
Answer: These plants sprouting from the cracks in the cement say: KEEP GROWING..... ALWAYS UPWARDS !

No matter how hard the soil up above, keep growing, the good in you will always take you Up.

Dont lose hope, keep working,moving, giving your 100%, never losing faith in your goals.

Have you seen the CD of the book: The Secret. It has a similar instance of how the universe responds to your wishes. The Universe says: Your wish is my command. So whatever you say,think, wish for ... Happens :)

A wish is like a seed in a soil, with your faith & efforts it is growing below the soil but you cant see it. So after sometime you lose heart & let uncertainity creeps in. You say its not working & the universe takes that as your command & the plant which is just about to sprout in the soil & flower goes down again & your command is executed.

So better than saying ,thinking, asking for things you dont want do the opposite :)

Let us know your take on this.

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Have a great, productive, satisfying week ahead.

Bye. Tc.