#AtoZ Challenge 2016: Letter P for Patterns

Good day people !
Going at a snails pace but hope to complete the AtoZ Challenge. Here are photographs of P for Patterns. Tell me what you think of them :)

Deepstambh outside Tungareshwar Temple

Ceiling in our favorite Chinese Restaurant, China Bistro, Thane

Again Ceiling at Vithal Temple, Titwala

Kids at Kala Ghoda Festival

MTDC, Raigad Fort

Sunrise at Raigad Fort

Trails left by the waves at Alibaug beach

Trees in the forest. Work of water and wind. On the trek to Tulsi Lake, Mumbai

Boating at Panchgani

Barbeque Prawns at Sigri, Powai, Mumbai
Decor of Restaurant Sigri, Powai, Mumbai

Betel nuts during my wedding

Diwali Crackers

The Mammoth Worli Sea Link
So how did you like our pictures for Patterns? Comments please.

Now Q for? That is a Tough one...hmm