#AtoZ Challenge 2016: Letter C for Cakes, Cupcakes, Cookies, Cakepops, Canopies

Hello people,
I hope most of you are foodies. Today while thinking of what to post for Letter C, I thought about Cupcakes, Cream Cakes, Cake pops and a snack I love Canopies.

Baking is my new hobby. It sort of relaxes and refocuses me.
This thinking about Baking got me into baking mode and here is a freshly baked batch of Oats Chocolate Chips Cookies. Yummy and crusty they are. :)

Me and cooking dont share any close friendship. Whatever cooking I do is after watching(she mostly making me watch) my mom cook and now both my inlaws.

Baking basic knowledge I received by assisting mom in making sponge cakes when we were young. So when a friend suggested if I would join her for a Cupcake making class, I said yes but I didnt know the difference between Muffin or Cupcake. Thanks to the Cute Cupcake Factory, now I can really bake and 80% of my tries have turned out edible if not yummy.

I have attended almost all her classes. The first one being Cupcake class. It was a hit in the first try itself. I am still getting suggestion to start it as a business. Some day, maybe. Check my first set of Cupcakes.

Chocolate Cupcakes
Vanilla Cupcakes with Strawberry swirls

These were made for my MIL's friends get-together at home. They are basic Vanilla Cupcakes with colored frosting as Rosettes. I added Mint leaves on my MIL's suggestion to give them a Rose look :)

The next class I mistakenly went was the Cream cake class. I never thought I was creative enough or my hands could make those super curvy and lovely frostings on Birthday cakes. But I have made quite a few good looking cakes ;) Check them at Cream Cake making class

Mixed Fruit flavoured Cake.
 This was my first cake on my Little sister's birthday. It was super soft and yummy according to the feedback.

Chocolate Truffle

Black Forest Cake
Mango flavoured cake. Artificial flavours.
Chocolate cake with white frosting and M&M's ;)
 After these Cream cake making sessions at home, my family gently asked me not to exert myself for my son's birthday. I centered the birthday theme around Mickey mouse, his still going strong obsession. Read about my preparations for Mickey Mouse theme Birthday party
Mickey Mouse Cupcakes
 I discovered the new trend of Cake Pops. Here I tried to give it a Mickey mouse look. Messy Affair I tell you if its your first time.
Mickey Mouse Cake Pops
My contribution to the Mickey Mouse themed party :)

 I also love making quick fix yummy snacks. This is one of it. Canopies or like I call it Firangi Cheese puri 
Canopies with lots of veggies. No bake.
I also learnt to make Assorted Chocolates from my friends Mom. So this Ganpati festival I wanted to make some prasad for the deity. So I made White Chocolate modaks with Coconut center.

I also did Bread making and Cheese cake class. Havent tried all the recipes from it. But the current and every alternate week I make are the Tea time Cakes. All Eggless.
Apple Cake

Banana Walnut Cake

Banana Walnut with Nutella swirl

Carrot Cake

Super quick to make and healthy. I tried making them with whole wheat but my kiddo and family dont gobble it fast that way ;)

So Baking is a good, healthy hobby to have. I hope this visual treat doesnt make you go on a diet.

Contribution for Letter C was Yummy for me. What about you? Hows it going?


  1. The flowers look so beautiful and the cakes so sumptuous. Yummy post:-)

    1. Thank you Dr. Amit. All the best for the Challenge :)

  2. Yummy cupcakes thanks for the post

    1. Thank you Helen :)
      All the best for the Challenge !

  3. Wow nilima.I would call you a backer artist.and I am proud to be tasted yummy cake and cookies baked by you.

    1. Thank you Kshitija for the comment and compliment :) Like I say 'Dane dane wale pe likha hota hai khane wale ka naam'. Glad you like my baking !

  4. They all look so yum :D
    Congrats Nilima, for participating in A-Z challenge
    and all the best

    1. Thank you Sundari. Glad to have you back and check out my posts ;)

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