Activity: Cream cake making class by Cute Cupcake Factory, Thane

Good day ppl !
Firstly HAPPY NEW YEAR 2015 to all of you !

Serendipity: Pleasant surprise or happy accident

I have been encountering these Happy accidents a lot lately. I had done the Cupcake class with Cute Cupcake Factory & my friends, family say I have got a hang of it.

I tried adding frosting to the cupcakes, it was a disaster (look wise), thankfully the taste was great.
So whenever the Cute Cupcake Factory announces Cream cake class schedules, I ignore it thinking its not my cup of tea or dessert ;)

Then CCF announces cookie & 'cake in glass' making classes & they have 2seats remaining. I checked my kiddo's schedule & sign myself in.
This class was on a weekday. There are 14 of us ladies. Everyone has some experience making cakes, I too have tried the basic ones, but no frosting.

We made 2 types of cake bases-Egg less:
Vanilla & Chocolate

If you want a fruit cake, Vanilla base is needed. If you are making any chocolate flavored cake, obviously a Chocolate base is used.

We made:

Strawberry cake
Mix fruit cake

Chocolate truffle

Black forest

Suchita as is her forte explained the fuss free recipe to make the Vanilla & Chocolate base.
For Cream cakes, you need to have layers.
She demonstrated and made us practice the method to cut super thin layers of the base cake. Then each layer was alternated with the chosen flavor of cream.

Everything was super interesting for me. I tried my hand. I could make the layers, but the frosting again was not easy for me.

So I was thinking to myself, when is Suchita going to show the cookie recipe? I went & asked her super cool mom, we all loving call 'Kaku'. She confirmed to me it is the 'Cream cake Class' and not the 'Cookie class'.
I was like 'OMG' ! But she assured me, this is the hot selling class of CCF & I will surely find it useful.

CCF & the cream cake class

So the next week was my youngest sisters birthday and she wanted a special celebration for it. I informed my mom, that I will bake the cake & it will be a suprise for her.

I made 2-3trips to the stores mentioned by Suchita to get the things needed. Decided to make a mixed fruit cake.

I baked the vanilla base 2days in advance. Frosted the base a night in advance.

Vanilla base with cream to smoothen

I am very bad at piping the frosting. So had bought a couple of nozzles. At 3am tried to test them, it was so much fun, I went on decorating. I needed colours, so went & bought them from Suchita next day.

Im loving the piping process

Then put the decorations a few hours before the special surprise dinner.

Ta..da.. Mix fruit cake

Including me, everyone was pleasantly surprised at the sight of the yummy cake. It tasted yummy, it could have been more soft if I had added another layer. Lesson learnt !

The next weekend went to mom's place. Wanted to bake a batch of Cupcake in her old round oven. Didnt get around to making that, but made a Chocolate base.

Chocolate base in old round oven

On the last minute, decided to make it into Black Forest. We didnt have Chocolate shavings, so decorated it as a White cake and M&M's. My parents confirmed it tasted Yummy & made a great New year special cake !

Black forest

So at my place I baked another chocolate base & turned it into a Chocolate Truffle cake. My family loved it. Friends who saw the pics on FB, thought I had bought the cake from a bake shop.

Chocolate base in Convection microwave oven

Chocolate truffle

Serendipity at its best, I must say ! ;) I am loving it !

Thank you Cute Cupcake Factory for this lovely class. Now making cakes for Birthdays or special occasions  is no big deal if I have the ingredients and a lil time ;)

Please join a baking class if you love desserts. Baking is a new high in my life now. Hmm can be made into a hobby & like my friends are suggesting, I should seriously consider it as a Career ;)

Bye. Take care. Have a Yummy New Year ! :)


  1. Congratulations! The cakes look really good. Hope to taste one of them soon to give you my take on it ;)


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