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Posting after a long time !
In May, my son turned 2. His favorite Cartoon character these days is Mickey Mouse. So about 4 days before his birthday I decided to center the birthday party around Mickey mouse theme. I was strictly asked by my family not to bake the birthday cake. Their reason being I will tax & tire myself out on the main day :|

Happy Birthday Pranav !
But I didn't just want to host a party with a ready made cake & snacks. So 4 days before the birthday, I researched on the net what can be done for a Mickey Mouse themed party. There are tons of articles & websites on the topic. Some are event management website which will showcase previously arranged parties & ask you to hire them. Then there are creative mommas who created everything from scratch, sharing their tips/secrets/flops/successes....

If you go through each of these articles, you sure will raise your BP. God knows how these moms manage such fun looking parties every year per kid ;) Check this Seshalyn's Party Ideas which got me thinking. Here is KarasPartyIdeas which looks the work of professionals.

So I decided to do something I am good at & make it more fun with the Mickey Mouse theme in mind.
What am I good at ? Cupcakes, thanks to Cute Cupcake Factory for teaching me these.

I made tiny chocolate cupcakes.

 To make them more fun, I saw this article on MomDot where they made Chocolate Mickey mouse silhouettes. And on OurHomemadeLife they gave a stencil to download & use. I used it, but then just went freehand. These look ugly here but the end result was pretty good.

The end result was.

Chocolate cupcakes with frosting and Mickey topping
I stumbled upon the new trend in cakes & cupcakes called Cake Pops. Its basically cake rolled into balls, dipped in chocolate & stuck to lollipop sticks.  I searched & found this article on Divas can cook giving detailed recipe & instructions to make them. There are lots of articles on how to decorate them to look like mickey mouse. You can use Oreo minis as ears, but not available in India. Then you can use Candy Melts in chocolate flavour as ears, but again they are not available in India. At short notice its impossible to order them online plus you need to buy in bulk if you have time :p, not working for me.

So the stencil idea again stuck me & I made those small circles with Chocolate to use as ears. It is a messy affair I tell you but worth the effort. Out of 20 cake pops only 11 reached the wrapping up phase. Some more fell off the sticks while distributing, arrghhh :X.

The cake pops after dipping in liquid chocolate
The cake pops after freezing. They say use thermocol board to keep the pops in standing position. Mine kept falling off, so my FIL suggested use Bananas to hold them upright. It worked I tell you! The ever resourceful banana ;)


The wrapped Mickey Mouse Cake Pops
My contribution to the Mickey mouse theme party

Mickey Mouse chocolate truffle cake
We wanted a small party for my kiddo with his friends & our close relatives. So we ordered McDonalds burgers, french fries & coke for kids. Pav bhaji & Pulao for adults. Not to forget the Cupcakes, Cake & Cake Pops.

Post party I was getting more ideas of what else I could have tried if I had the time & resources. Thank fully my sis came a day before to help & inlaws as usual encouraging me :)

 Better luck next year, I am patting my back ;)

If you have tried some funky birthday party themes, do share with us.

My baking hobby starts with these: 
Cream Birthday cakes

Bye. Take care.


  1. Hats off to your patience Nilima! Pranav must have been thrilled :D
    I remember thinking up different kinds of homemade snacks to be served for my kids' birthdays. Themes were not trending those days (I think ;) ) I used to order a cake - design chosen by Vinny and Viggy and make a new kind of snack each time. Potato wafers and cold drinks were a must of course

  2. The internet can be a veritable treasure trove of information and ideas for the willing mom. Kudos, Nilima, for going the distance to make a memorable birthday for your son. I've noted down all the links and in the most unlikely event I feel inspired to make something I'm going to use them.

    Thanks, and looking forward to more such interesting posts :)

  3. Nice post! Thanks for sharing!


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