Activity: Cupcake making class by Cute Cupcake Factory, Thane

Greetings Foodies,
I am sure most of our readers are.
How about some yummy desserts?

Cupcakes !

I personally favour cakes, pastries over ice creams, gelatos,...
So I was suprised & excited when a family friend called up on Saturday morning to check if I would be interested in joining her for a Cupcake making class. I liked the idea, plus it had 3 bonus points for me: 1) It was in Thane and 5 mins walking distance from my home, 2) It was a Saturday 3) In the afternoon from 2:30-5:30 when my son napped.

Perfect ! Frankly speaking I have always tasted cupcakes which you get in bakery shops. But the lovely, mouth watering ones with frostings I have only seen in pictures.
So I was pleasantly suprised when your Teacher- Shuchita Nayak, showed us how simple it was to bake the cupcakes and decorate with frosting.

After frosting, the line up of cupcakes, makes you droool :D

We were 14 of us that day. Suchitra started with introductions and explaining that we were going to make simple, yummy, no-fuss recipes that day. We made 3 types of cupcakes with around 5 frostings.

Yumm, 3types without frosting

There was the
-Classic Vanilla Cupcake
Classic Vanilla cupcakes, hot just out of the oven

-Chocolate Cupcake

-Red Velvet Cupcake

Red Velvet, they say is a Rage now!

The Selling point of the class
-Shuchita is a very experienced in bakery. She has tried, tested lot of methods, researched online, tells you the science behind basic things, bakes all the time. Is ready to learn from her students all the while.
Shuchita, hands on training

-She gave out basic tips which can literally-Make or Bake your cake :D Like why cakes become tough after they come out of the oven, why to maintain proportions given in recipes, oven settings.
Frosting with blue berry

-There were no hidden techniques or secret recipes here. You learnt the same thing she does with every cake.
Dont churn too much, after adding the flour

-She kept making it relevant & highlighting-Practise makes you perfect. Every time keep noting what worked and what didnt. Keep improving. Dont wander away & mess with the recipe or proportions until you bake some 5-6 perfect cakes. She let us be a part of the making process. So everyone was asked to stir, beat, whisk, frost.
Everyone gets to Frost ;)

-Told tips of how to make the recipes egg less too if someone wanted that.
-You get to take home what you bake at class.
My 1year old gobbled up the pieces, even with just 5 teeth, so you can guess how soft & yummy it was ;)
Thats how my Box looked. I promise to improve ! ;)

It was a fun class & you got to learn a lot. I was busy taking down notes like a college student.
Guess thats my habit, I do it mentally when travelling, this time I had pen & paper :D

All Smiles class, heady with the yummy smells of cup cakes

The Cute Cupcake Factory arranges classes almost on all Sundays. So follow them on Facebook, to get the next class. It can be about making Cheese cakes, Cream cakes, Breads, tarts,..... The list is an endless yumminess. Go for it !

Bye. Take care.
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  1. Thanks nilima .. It surely made my day :)
    Thanks for the honest write up..
    My fav line .. 5 tooth one :)))

  2. Hi.... I must say I'm in complete agreement with you.... Had the same experiences and raved about the class and her expertise, not to mention her divine cupcakes to all who cared to listen... This is one class I will surely follow and enroll whenever I get a chance.... No second thoughts to be had guys.... :) go ahead and be a part of it all....

  3. hi. I would like to attend one of your classes to make and bake cup cakes. could you provided me with your contact details please. I do not have a facebook account.


  4. Greetings Joyce,
    Thank you for the comment. I am not the Teacher of these classes. To contact the Teacher, visit this page of Facebook. The phone number is given. You can Whatsapp her for new schedules & queries.
    All the best ! I am sure you will bakes lovely desserts.

  5. Pleasantly surprised to see this review from you. I'm planning to go for a class here as well :) Thanks for writing this...and with phots n all as well - super helpful! :)

    1. Haha Vishakha! I will take it as a compliment ;) I started loving baking all thanks to Shuchita and The Cute Cupcake Factory. Go for it. You will learn something good. All the best !


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