#AtoZ Challenge 2016: Letter H for Humour

Hello Everyone,

Humour through pictures? You bet. Tell me if you cant get the Humour in these pictures ;)

Check our Whats that pic series to get the entire collection for ROFL.

The picture which started the Whats that pic series in this blog. Caption it now :D

Oh and the Bashing English and grammar takes. How many spelling mistakes here?
Hope you dont need this job. God bless your English then.

ROFL ! Fatke khane hai? Translation here.
Smart ! Shoppers we are being diplomatic here ;)

So this is our post for Letter H. More coming right up :)


  1. I like "Customer is King, A King never bargains" best. Smart thinking

  2. Very funny and interesting pics. I liked the Fresor one and tyer will punchured. LOL :D We can find such gems everywhere :D

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