Friday, June 13, 2014

Whats that pic-38

Good day ppl !

Everyone must have sometime or other got into wrong comparments while travelling by local trains. Especially Gents getting into Ladies compartment.

This caught my attention.

Ladies compartment with Pink Walls and mirrors :p

It was a Ladies First class compartment, for a Central train to CST.

The PINK wall colour screams out load- Ladies :D

Also checkout the mirror like metal plate near windows, especially for the preening ladies ;)

Im sure, if any confused soul boards this compartment, will get off immediately :D

Though I have a complaint for the First class ladies compartment. The Central railways has atleast 3compartments for a 12 coach train, the compartments are very small. It says to seat 13 people. It must be going beyond 30 during rush hours. The Western Railways have big airy compartments but only 1 in a 12 coach train :p

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Bye, Tc. Travel safe.
Have a fantastic weekend !

Monday, June 9, 2014

Movie Review: Queen

Good day Queens of the World :D

Queen with her trademark Thumak pose :D

Yes, I watched the movie: Queen over the weekend. It was really refreshing.
Just play this video to listen to all the awesome music while you read on

Its a purely fee-good movie. Leaves you feeling fresh & ready to go Win the World over again !

The best part of the movie:
:D Lots of it.

  • The Cast for one thing is great. Each character is well choosen & play their part perfectly. Kangana as Queen is if I may say not the Queen of the movie. The entire cast is. From Lisa Hayden as VijayLakshmi, Chinto Kangana's lil brother who takes his Bhai image seriously, Dadi with her amusing dialogoes, Taka the Chinese roommate, Sikander, Fiancee Vijay, the French (Crush) guy, Parents, ...

  • The Script is well written. Vikas Bahl has directed. They say Kangana asked to write her own dialogues. I must say she did a good job. 
  • The pictorisation & locations are great. 
  • What to say about Music-its foot tapping as well as soulful. The Thumakda song is a hit. Even my 1year old rocks it :D.

What I liked:
They have shown clearly:
  • How a simple obedient girl can make her dreams come true. Opens her eye, clears her head to show she doesnt have to wait for someone to give her permission to do What She LOVES doing, what she reality- QUEEN of her Life ! 
  • Travelling is safe. A woman can travel the world alone. There are good people everywhere. If you want to travel, money is not a factor to stop you.
  • Life is beautiful. 
  • You can be alone & be Happy. All the married wo/men will vouch for it, I am sure ;)
  • Woman dont need a Man all times, to think Life is good.
  • Men can treat,care, protect, respect a Woman without giving it the relationship of Lover always. A girl-boy can be friends too.  

What I didnt like:
  • The story sometimes slows down, dragging its feet at some spots.
  • Too much drinking, smoking, sex,... It can get a lil embarrassing watching with your family.
  • Vijay cancelling the wedding one day before, just because their Status didnt match, was not a great reason to start the story.
Watch it people. Especially Ladies, girls, Women !
Let me know your take !

Bye. Tc. Have a fantastic, productive Week ahead !
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