#AtoZ Challenge 2016: Letter M for Moon

Good day people,
Contribution for Letter M is photographs I have been obsessively clicking of the MOON !
Joke: How do South Indians spell Moon?
Ans: M O  yet another O N ;) :D

This reminds me of the Song: To the Moon and Back :)
This was taken on my morning walk during a short family vacation to Igatpuri. Have you heard the song: To the Moon and back ?

Panaroma shot
The obsession become strong when I first got a phone with a camera. This was in 2006 with my Sony Ericsson phone, the camera was the best. I still remember it when handling a Digi cam or a DSLR.

Chandomama at the Worli Sea Link, 6am during Mumbai Marathon
Like the stories we hear when kids, I feel it follows me everywhere or just makes me find him all the time ;) At Mumbai Marathon on the Worli Sea Link

The ring is visible in this one

These are from my moms place.

From my native place
Do you have some good shots of the moon? Please share them with us.

Completed our contribution for Letter M:

What photos to showcase for Letter N? Any suggestions? I am thinking.

Bye. Take care.


  1. Beautiful pics, loved the one behind sea link best. great shot

  2. Great pics!! :)
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    1. Thank you Shalini :) Yes I visit your blog many times.


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