Friday, March 5, 2010

Core Values/Mission/Goals???

Hi Good day ppl !
Have you seriously thought about what are you doing in life?

Are you following your values?

Are you going towards your goal?

Do you think you will accomplish your set mission?

Are you doing what you should be actually doing????

This excerpt from Simpletruths Newsletter has hit the bulls eye of explaining our own dilemma.

Read on:

Dear Nilima,

Why are core values critical to our success in business and in life? Because our values are critical guides for making important decisions. And when in doubt they cut through the fog like a beacon in the night.

John Blumberg has written the best book I've ever read on how we build value...with values. And if there was ever a time in the history of this great country that we need to re-visit our core values...the time is NOW.

Enjoy an excerpt from John's new book, Good to the Core...Building Value with Values.

Excerpt from
Good to the Core, by John Blumberg

I was in Honolulu to speak at a large national conference. I scheduled an extra day onto the trip since I had never been to Honolulu and because a few great friends were also at the conference. The day after the conference, we awoke at the crack of dawn to visit Pearl Harbor. As we stood above and looked down upon the sunken USS Arizona, the depth of our experience came to life. It was moving and humbling.

Upon our return to the hotel, I had some time to spare before departing to the airport. A couple of my friends and I decided to rent a raft large enough to hold three adults. We targeted the white-capped waves, out in the distance, as our destination. With the incoming waves, we had a hard time getting away from the shore. At first, there seemed to be enormous momentum keeping us "grounded." Slowly, but surely, we began to make progress. It seemed to get easier. We eventually got within a few feet of the whitecaps and decided to board our raft and relax as a celebration of our efforts. It was in our moment of pause that we felt the reality of our situation. Drifting two feet out and one foot in. Again, two feet out and one foot in. We all felt the unsettling formula of our ever-so-gentle drift out to sea. We immediately abandoned the raft and grasped for safety, with one arm holding the raft and the other arm aggressively swimming. I have never scissor-kicked so hard in my life.

Twenty minutes later we had made minimal progress. Out of nowhere, a lifeguard on a kayak appeared on the scene asking why we were so far out. Feeling the comfort of his presence, we laughed for a moment, lightly commenting about our distance from the shore. He wasn't laughing.

The orange balls had warned us, and we unknowingly ignored them. Infrequently placed across the ocean's surface, they created an invisible line on the ocean's floor. They silently warned us not to drift beyond them regardless of our vision or mission. "You see those big orange balls on top of the water?" the lifeguard inquired. We could see them, but they didn't look very big from where we were still struggling in the water. They did, however, give us the insight that we were basically five times farther out than we should be. I think the lifeguard was trying to teach us a lesson. He didn't leave us, but he didn't assist us either. Forty-five minutes later we walked up on the shore. I was shaking from exhaustion. I began, for the first time, to feel the numerous cuts on my legs and feet from the sharp coral rocks lining the ocean floor.

We had briefly noticed the orange balls on our way out. We had paid little attention to them and certainly had not given any thought to their significance. We had been too focused on our mission to get to the white-capped waves in the distance!

We don't go running away from our values.

We go drifting away, and one day wake-up in a place we never meant to be, drifting in a direction we would have never chosen.

In the past year, we have witnessed incredible disappointments in many business leaders that have led to huge financial losses. We are now questioning our ability to trust on many fronts. John Blumberg in Good to the Core tells us how to identify our core values, how to reinforce those values and most importantly, how to live them!

:) Sit down & think it all out. Analyse, judge it like a 3rd person.

It will be a revolting process which you want to run away from,

but like the dialogue in 3idiots(I just did a 3rd revision on the movie while having dinner)

letter hath mein tha, taxi gate par thi, jara se himmat karle ta tha toh jindagi kuch aur ho sakti thi
Do what you like, look for where YOUR CALLING is. if u know what I mean ;) :D :D :D

;). bye. tc.

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Updation to blog-Interesting reads!

Hi good day ppl!
Bless blogger to add a feature I was thinking of & needed. I keep getting links which are interesting from other sites, but I feel guilty of adding a post for each & redirecting users to those links.
Was thinking if I could on the sidebar, showcase these links with a short summary about the link then it would be great, something like 'blogs I follow'. Here I login today & get to see this new feature called 'Pages'. Perfect for me. :)

So people I have created a page called: Interesting -> Reads
May add in Videos, photos,....

Please check this for interesting links.

Monday, March 1, 2010

Tour De Web18-2010

Hi Good day People!
Happy Holi ! How was your holi & long weekend celebrations? I again celebrated it in a different way. My organisation last year had arranged a cycling picnic. They had visited Vasai & its 1 old fort by cycling to it from the nearby station. This time they had decided on Gorai beach & its village.

Many of us having missed the Mumbai cyclothon coz it was a long, professional kind of cycling + we were tied up with work coz of Budget, I was ill that time. We were very enthusiastic about this cycling event. I had practised in the night on my sisters cycle for 45 mins a day before this & enjoyed it immensely.

So yesterday(28th feb 2010) morning we were supposed to meet at Marve beach at 7:30. Marve beach is 15 mins away from Malad station. We got late & reached by 8. But very few people had reached & our cycles were being brought from our Matunga office for which the truck was late.

So in all we started around 9:30, went by ferry to the Manori village. The Esselworld & Global pagoda are on Gorai beach.We were 27 of us + 5 joined in later by road, so totally 32 which is larger than last years 20. We cycled for 10mins to reach Dominica resort where we had our breakfast & again started for Gorai beach around 11 on cycle. But by the time we reached the beach the high tide was coming in & we couldnt go on the beach since it was packed with people on holiday visit.

Almost all of the group went back to the resort for rest coz they were tired after the cycle riding. A handful of us wanted to cycle some more, we had just started enjoying it. So we decided to visit the Global Pagoda which was 1hour ride away.

So 6 of us went cycling, enjoying the peace & calm that prevailed in the area. It was a gr8 time cycling by yourself along a long stretch of road, with the Global Pagoda in the distance as our goal to be achieved. This trip meant a lot to me since its a month I came back from Vipassana course & had decided to visit the Global Pagoda asap. So here I was.

Being the only girl in the group of 6 + 1 who knew about this center & what is taught here, I become the guide more than a tourist herself. It was great explaining about the techings, technique, the center, the art gallery is filled with pic-stories of life of Buddha & I was trying to remember each 1 of them to recite to my group.

This seems to be the door under completion. The entire center is under completion. A lot has been completed but still some more time to finish it all off. This is Huge + beautifully carved. Each box has a different design

there are 2 smaller pagodas too. The door of the 1 which is completed.

This bunglow with the tree in full bloom caught my attention. On our ride back had to stop & click its snap. There were such beautiful bunglows & villas in the village. It was calm, sleepy, peaceful atmosphere. Many villas have been converted to hotels/resort for approx 1500 per day a room with beach right behind.

We came back to the resort for lunch. By then more than half the group was leaving for home. We said bye to them, had our food, took a little rest, played a little holi, clicked snap, settled the bill & started back cycling to the ferry ride back to Marve beach.

The Tour De Web18-2010 group snap !

The truck driver offered to drop us till Malad station, we were more than enthu to go till Vashi too in the truck + Standing.

The truck driver had to settle his paper work & was taking a long time so we had tea at a restaurant & then moved on by bus & train. REached home at 8:30. More than 12hour picnic. Gr8 1.Enjoyed a lot. Full too dhamal :)

It was a gr8 tour. If not Tour de France, it was definetly the best Tour de Web18.

Planning to start cycling in mornings since I have a cycle & a great peaceful, traffic less space to cycle-my colony :)

All of you, if you havent cycled in ages, please try it soon. Trust me its a great way of de-stressing :)

I am all charged(yes, the pain will start once I hit office 2mrw) for the week ahead !!!

Till then Enjoy your week & wait for a deserving, enjoyment filled weekend like this.