#AtoZ Challenge 2016: Letter O for Ocean

Hello People,
I am sure the Ocean fascinates each one of us. Here are a few photographs of the Ocean clicked by me.

Marine Drive, Mumbai Daytime
Queens Necklace or Marine Drive, Mumbai at Night
Marine Drive. You can never stop photographing this place.

Haji Ali, Mumbai
 Haji Ali Dargah visited by people of all sects.

Arabian Sea on the way to Alibaug

Sailing at Gateway of India
The Arabian Sea and going in ferry or Sailing is a Must-Do activity when at Gateway of India. For Sailing you will have to prebook. Its fun, no wonder I have done it twice and can do some more ;) Sailing in 2012 and 2010.

Alibaug beach
Found these cute lil girls dancing and splashing in the waves at a beach in Alibaug

Malvan beach

At Malvan, the Kokan belt of Maharashtra. My kiddo playing Captain to the sea ;)

Bosphoros strait Connecting Asia and Europe
Completed our entry for Letter O:

Lets see what can be P for....?


  1. awesome pictures :D Remember Pranav on that boat
    What else can P be other than Pranav?

    1. :D Thank you Sundari !
      Ya right, P for Pranav..thats on my list. But I will have to create an entire Blog for that instead of a post.

    2. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  2. Marine Drive is bliss and once can never stop clicking. I enjoyed climbing the rocks to stand atop opposite Nariman Point. What days it were!!


    1. Yes its a pleasant experience. All the best for completing the Challenge


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