#AtoZ Challenge 2016: Letter L for Lotus, Lilies

Good day everyone :)
Lets get some sunshine into the day with pictures of L for: Lotus and Lilies.

I have been trying the Macro shots with flowers. The best results I got are from roses, lilies and lotus flowers. Have a post just dedicated to Lilies.

Check out the pics and tell me which one you like best.

Lotus bud
This was clicked at Khandala during an office outing.

Red Lilies
These are the latest snaps from my MIL's garden. Today I see 2 more buds.

This was clicked at the Mapro Garden in Panchgani in Feb during our short trip. Panchgani is a lovely place to visit to chill.

Little Lily
This was my profile picture for many years. These tiny lilies bloom during rainy season in my Papa's garden.

White Lily
Another one from my MIL's garden. See the rest of the pics at : Nature: Lilies

This was our photo contribution for Letter L:


  1. love the pics. One pink lily I have known for a long time :)

    1. :D Bowing down. Thank you. Yes I bored everyone with that pink lily display pic ;)

  2. Replies
    1. Thank you Indrani. You are more better photographer and blogger than me. :)

  3. Oh, I love lotuses and lilies. They are so beautiful!

    1. :) Yes Shalini they are lovely to look at and click. Hence my overdose of them. Thank you for the comment.


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