Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Whats that pic-33

Good day ppl !
They say Facebook is no longer the In thing now. Its Whatsapp now. That too its bought over by FB.
There are jokes going around saying FB bought Whatsapp and it shut down for a day.

Imagine my surprise when saw this slogan on St.Michael's Church in Mahim. Its the month of February. Perfect Timing I would say :D

Cheecky I would say. Come Pray dear followers :)

:D Other St.Michael Church slogans:
Merry Chrismas 2013
Happy New Year 2014

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Monday, February 24, 2014

Book Review: The Malhotra Bride by Sundari Venkatraman

Good day ppl !

Yes, another book review and that too for the book written by my author friend Sundari Venkatraman, The Malhotra Bride.
I had mentioned in the review of Double Jeopardy, that I will review the 2nd edition of The Malhotra Bride. So here it is:

Sunita, is the beautiful, drop dead gorgeous daughter of the Rishi garment business family. She is just 20, innocent, completed her graduation & looking to enjoy life which is a not an option she gets in the orthodox traditional business family. Her parents are hell bent on getting her married. Her father treats it as another business deal.
Her suitor is Akshay Malhotra, a handsome hunk, perfect modern day businessman, eligible bachelor, only son of billionaire of Malhotra Garments. He has girls swarming around him, he likes to party, has never heard a No from any woman, doesn't go beyond one night stands. He loves his carefree life and wants to have a wedded life like his parents, love marriage at that.
So now both these families want to get these two married. Sunita plans to free herself by making her suitor say No to the match. Akshay decides to sneak a peek of the girl before the revolting formal meeting with the whole family. He is hooked on first sight, is caught hook line and sinker the first time they meet. They devise a plan to get both their freedom and life free. But how?

Hint: If Akshay refuses, Sunita's father is set to arrange a Swayamvar. Talk about falling from the frying pan into the fire. Sunita becomes The Malhotra Bride, read the book to know how.

What I liked:
This is the second edition of the book. First edition was hardcover in 2000. This edition has been made for 2014 audience, along with storyline,  albeit a Kindle one at that. So Thumbs up for Sundari to go Tech savvy and create a Kindle version and self-publish on Amazon. The characters are very real life. I feel like I was watching them as friends and their life unfolding in front of me. The sentiments, emotions, scene, were all believable. Nothing of-This can only happen in movies. Twists and turns in the story were complete. The sensuous scenes, Sundari, are umm..... :D

What I want more:
Sequel to this story.

You can buy the Kindle edition on Amazon, depending on your country. Dont worry if you don't have a Kindle, I don't own it too. I downloaded the Free version from Amazon for my Laptop and cell phone.
Go on download the Kindle App & buy the book NOW !

Sundari Venkatraman

You can Stalk her @

Stay tuned for more releases by Sundari in this entire year. Clap, Cheers to her for staying put on this journey of becoming an established Author. All the best dear !

Bye. Take care. Have a great week ahead ppl !

Sunday, February 23, 2014

#ConditionSeriousHai Dont Talk & Drive

Good day ppl !

Aree Mr XYZ sahab, aapko bola na aapka cheque bhej raha hu.....
Thats my hubby. Inki #ConditionSeriousHai.

He cant let a single call or message go without answering, even while Driving. His counter statement-What if its a new client, deal.... !

He drives safe, follows rules, is disciplined, fast, no-stunts driver. He hasnt got pulled over till date for talking on the phone while driving, Touch wood !
We have tried coaxing him to use a bluetooth, head phones,....

I being a software developer, have an idea I wish to develop. An App which switches off phone or diverts calls/messages after the user enters car. Has this been developed yet? If not, anyone interested please join me in developing one :p.

Anymore suggestions to cure this Condition?
Please share.
Guess I will have to give a Five star to my Hubby before he reads this :D

This post is for the contest #ConditionSeriousHai by Cadbury Five Star. Check its Facebook page.
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Watch the TV Ad here

Bye. Have a great week ahead. Drive SAFE !