#ConditionSeriousHai Dont Talk & Drive

Good day ppl !

Aree Mr XYZ sahab, aapko bola na aapka cheque bhej raha hu.....
Thats my hubby. Inki #ConditionSeriousHai.

He cant let a single call or message go without answering, even while Driving. His counter statement-What if its a new client, deal.... !

He drives safe, follows rules, is disciplined, fast, no-stunts driver. He hasnt got pulled over till date for talking on the phone while driving, Touch wood !
We have tried coaxing him to use a bluetooth, head phones,....

I being a software developer, have an idea I wish to develop. An App which switches off phone or diverts calls/messages after the user enters car. Has this been developed yet? If not, anyone interested please join me in developing one :p.

Anymore suggestions to cure this Condition?
Please share.
Guess I will have to give a Five star to my Hubby before he reads this :D

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Bye. Have a great week ahead. Drive SAFE !


Great post nilima. Very good idea. That ki d of software or app is way better then laws
Buy him a car kit. Surprise him... lol
NAV said…
Thank you Sundari & Harbir for the suggestions :)