Saturday, April 2, 2016

#AtoZ Challenge 2016: Letter B for Bappa Sita Ram temple

Greetings everyone,
The next letter for the Challenge is: Letter B.

Bappa Sita Ram or Bhaktiram is a saint who is an embodiment Shesh Narayan. His mother gave birth to him in a Hanuman temple. Lot of people follow him.

Bappa Sitaram

I was not aware of this saintly figure till I got married. My inlaws family is visiting the Temple of Bappa Sitaram in Tungareshwar, Vasai, India for 4-5years now. We visit on the day of Poornima or full-moon day every month, in the early morning before the office going crowd hits the roads and the temple gets crowded.

The start of the forest and mountain

The attraction for me visiting is the early morning quiet Long drive and its location. Tungareshwar is a mountain top plateau amidst lot of greenery. I had been there for a monsoon trek & loved every bit of it. Trek: Tungareshwar

The temple is at the base and start of the mountain, so you will be not among trekkers and tourists. The entire temple complex gives calm, peaceful vibes. Followers and devotees visit mostly on Poornima. There is food distribution in the form donation from families to the poor from the vicinity at noon and evening.

The next interesting thing about this temple is, the offering for the deity is not Coconuts and garlands but packets of toffee. There are stalls outside selling these. So you may be having Mango-Bite and Kissmi's as prasad here :)

Tea as prasad
The last and the best thing about the visit to this temple, you get Unlimited Chai or Tea as Prasad. I just love their Chai. So we everytime donate Sugar to the temple.

The huge kitchen premises behind the temple, preparation for evening in full swing

This was our contribution for Letter B. Check back tomorrow for Letter C.

#AtoZ Challenge 2016: Letter A for Anchor

Good day Everyone,
First day, First Letter of the A-Z Challenge: Letter A

If you follow this blog and its Whats that pic series or are my Facebook friend, you will notice I love to give Captions to pictures. Also asking for some Wacky captions. So this is one such picture.

It brought out the Philosophical me when I saw this scene at a market in Malvan, Konkan part of Maharashtra, India. Konkan being the coastal part of Maharashtra, fishing ships, boats are means of livelihood for many there. So when I came across this iron smith's shop with Anchors stacked together, I thought:

Anchors Anchored for Life? 

What would you caption this picture? Let us know your catch in the comments below.
We have featured this picture in our earlier post: Whats that pic-43

This was our post for Letter A. Stay tuned for next 25 letters to go !

Thursday, March 31, 2016

#AtoZ Challenge 2016 Theme Reveal

Good day people,
Do you know about the A-Z Challenge? I have been reading posts from this challenge for 2-3years now. I always thought its for more Pro bloggers. This year I was motivated by my blogging friends to take up the Challenge.

So I will be posting Photographs everyday for 26 days in April 2016. They will be from Random events,places or situations I witnessed. Hope to be punctual on all days.

I am sure you follow our Whats that pic series. The photos will be from the series and lot of new ones :)

Come back and check for A-Z Posts. Wish me luck :)