#AtoZ Challenge 2016: Letter I for Innocence

Greeting lovely people,
Letter I post is going to show some clicks of Innocence.

This little scared guy was watching us when we were travelling by bus from Khandala for an office trip.

At Jaipur, this little dancer quickly parroted sentences that he goes to school and that day there was a holiday. Hope he becomes a good human being.

This granny was selling lemon juice on the way to the highest peak of Maharashtra: Kalsubai. Loved her nosering and angelic smile :)

Notorious kid of my grandparent's servants in our native place. But he always had a toothy grin.

The dare devil Salman, again the kid from the servants on my grandparents farm. Always upto stunts :)

 The kids with the singing troupe on the path to Jejuri. Belting devotional songs at the top of their voices and in tune with the instruments :)

Little volunteers, kids distributing water during Mumbai Marathon.

Simba, our friend Sundari's tomcat with the black spot under his nose. Cute fella
Manya, the little fellow who got himself adopted to us and then disappeared

Mother and her love. Outside a lonely temple in Pune

Calves nuzzling at my grandparents farm
Our contribution for Letter I


  1. Such sweet pictures, you have captured innocence well.

  2. Excellent idea - Innocence
    and my Simba is featured in it. yaayayayayayaya :D :D :D

  3. Good clicks!
    Thanks for visitng my blog.

    #AtoZChallenge- J for Just Joking!

  4. How apt are all the pics with the theme! Innocence indeed :) So much of beauty and wonder around us if we just stop to watch for 1 minute, away from our gadget slavery that is :D

  5. Those were all great pictures! I think you captured your theme of innocence very well!



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