Whats that pic-38

Good day ppl !

Everyone must have sometime or other got into wrong comparments while travelling by local trains. Especially Gents getting into Ladies compartment.

This caught my attention.

Ladies compartment with Pink Walls and mirrors :p

It was a Ladies First class compartment, for a Central train to CST.

The PINK wall colour screams out load- Ladies :D

Also checkout the mirror like metal plate near windows, especially for the preening ladies ;)

Im sure, if any confused soul boards this compartment, will get off immediately :D

Though I have a complaint for the First class ladies compartment. The Central railways has atleast 3compartments for a 12 coach train, the compartments are very small. It says to seat 13 people. It must be going beyond 30 during rush hours. The Western Railways have big airy compartments but only 1 in a 12 coach train :p

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Bye, Tc. Travel safe.
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