Festivals:Ganpati 2010

Ganpati Bappa Morya!

Good day ppl !
Hows the long weekend+ celebrations treating you? After a hectic,productive week at week, we thoroughly deserved the loong weekend :).

Eid Mubarak & Ganpati Bappa Morya to all of you.

The first day of Ganpati-11th sept2010, was full on happiness & enthusiasm for all. We dont have Ganpati at our home just a special pooja.

This was record: We could have darshan of 5 ganpati's on the very first day :)

The durva (grass with 3nodes) kanthi(string of durva) & jaswand(hibiscus) flowers please Ganpati. The durva kanthi was sent by my maushi(aunt) & Jaswand from papa's flower garden. This Ganpati frame was bought on my 1st birthday. It always soothes once you look at it when stressed ;).

My cousin brother has started hosting Ganpati for 1.5days since last year. He is a total devotee & very found of this deity.

The eyes are always beautiful & captivating. If you allow it to transfix you, you are sure to feel light as a feather in no time, guaranteed ! :D

His enthususiam of arranging the whole event & making sure each of us relatives attend it is contagious. May Ganpati bappa bless you & everyone.

Another family friend's daughter bought a new house in Nerul & hosted the Ganpati for the first time. She doesnt know much about the rituals & things to do, but here faith & dedication counts.

Another Ganpati celebration in their building premises. This one was sweet,cute & calm.

We passed a lot of idols on the way. There was no rain, very strange after 2days of heavy rain. Ganpati bappa wants all his devotees to take darshan easily it seems ;).

Our colony type 5 Ganpati. Guess its in the Peshwa look. I have still to visit the main colony Ganpati at Gangadhar Deshmukh hall.

Another family friends Ganpati, who stay on the floor below us.

I am stuffed with all the sweets especially all the modak's I had in a single day. Gym, here I come :D

Will update this post for more Ganapati celebrations.
Attendance at Lal baug cha Raja & other ganpati mandals


Ganpati Bappa Morya!!!


  1. Super pics and a lovely post. Ganpati Bappa Morya!
    I so wanted to click pics. Just have mine and one from a neighbour. Rather housebound. Better luck to me next time. :)


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