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Hello Good daY!
Wish you all a Happy New Year firstly!

Thanks for all the comments. :) Really appreciate it. Everyone has got the concept which I was trying to project through the post. Thanks for that.

The comments are summing up the addiction we have for good or bad thoughts/actions & its good or bad(again) effects on us & our lives.

Like they say 'thoughts become action'. But why try to postpone actions by controlling them or the thoughts.

Like you all said, the more we suppress the thoughts, coz we know what the results will be, the more profound the thoughts become.

So whats the solution you will ask???

We cant detach the mind like a spare part, clean it, charge it & fit it back again. I sometimes wish we could do that ;) for all parts of the body especially after continuous late nights@work.

We cant run away into the woods & becomes sages/holy people. We are family people. We have to live in this world with our family,friends & earn our livings to stay alive & feed those dependent upon us.

The mind will roll again into some other thoughts, it will show you some more exiting or sad visuals/sounds/... that you will cling to & roll along with it. Something like Surfing channels on tv/radio. Stop at the channel which attracts you@that moment.

But we want to break this habit. The habit of our mind taking us on a Exclusive World tour of anything & everything under the sun or beyond it.

What do you do in such situations? Without forcing yourself, how do you take control?

Lets discuss the various ways each of us implement.

Waiting for your revert on this.

Bye. Take care. Happy New year once again!