Extraordinary person.

Hi gud day!

Was going through older Good Morning quotes mails & cam across this quote & few others:

There is no such thing as an extraordinary person. There are only ordinary people continuing on where others give up.
People sometimes keep saying Your Lucky! It grieves me instead of making me feel elated. Do these people who so offhandly say it, know how much effort/dreams/intentions has gone into everything we do to term as 'Lucky' people. I pity people when they claim that about you. It shows their efforts/dreams/intentions.

Another quote to support this:
Jewels are just rocks that worked hard enough to shine.

But not always being lucky & getting what you want satisfies you:
Winning cant be everything, otherwise there wouldnt be anything to win.

Endings are really beginnings in disguise

So have a clear dream/goal, work/intend right to get LUCKYYY!!!

Bye.T.C. Trying to catch beginnings in disguise :)