Birthday Cards!

Hi everyone. Been a long hardworking & good news filled month. What about you all?

Anyways as some readers who are following this blog ask to keep writing more often, penning down some quotes.These I had liked, by great people, & had written on a Birthday card to my sis when I was away from home few years back. My, could I write in those days!!! ;) :)

Here they are:

Turn your face to the Sun and the Shadows fall behind you. -From Reader's Digest.

Luck is not a chance, its Toil;
Fortunes expensive smile is earned - By Emily Dickinson.

Each memory is special and each one makes me hope we'll be spending many more good times together in the days and years ahead -Ed Cunningham
Wish the same for readers & us.

The card is decorated with hearts & more funny,naughty talks. A friend had got us in the habit of filling each card with messages/notes/quotes suited specially for the person. This friend keeps sending some nice SMS's too, which I have included in my earlier posts too. So here's is one more from the same person:

If God can turn night into day, he can turna burden into a blessing!

I have stopped giving cards to friends & loved ones due to lack of time or forgetfullness (my excuses :D ) .If I start sending cards again, God save those people! But looking at this one, want to start again, at least wishing them on time.

For this one on the backside of the card, I have written a C language program code, to find the correct recipient. Crazy!!! :D Now don't blame me if I am a workaholic, its a long time addiction ;).

But gets me thinking, dont we lose our innocence/true character in this race to become Better & Succesful in this SO CALLED WORLD of ours :). Sometimes slipping back into that mode again for a lil while is good too. I felt rejuvinated after going thru a few of those cards received & gifted to & from family members.

A must do for you too!

Let me know.Till then Chao! Bye. T.C

exit; or die;