Hello Good day!!!
So hows d weekend going? Good? Good for me too. Got to relax & meet up with friends. Had an awesome time catching up news/events in everyone's life. When friends are together, time just flies! :)

The occassion was a good news in 2of my friends life and we got to share lots of good news in each others lifes. When you get talking with people whom you know & they know you (sometimes better than yourself), you get to see/understand the things/events in your life too are GOOD NEWS. You may have just not realised those before. Friends are like reading/magnifying glasses one needs from time to time.

Friends and Friendship form an essential part of everyone's life. Getting good friends and maintaining friendship is sort of a good Investments :). Just yesterday only heard a dialogue in a TV soap,

"Make good people your friends from whom you can learn good things, if you cant do that then Make yourself such a person that their bad habits/nature doesn't affect us."

Perfect isn't it.

Friends are like medicine. It may taste bad but it makes us healthier & better. Friends will tell you whats wrong with you, your faults/mistakes/shortcomings but they will also help us overcome it, like medicines.

Lol what philosophy!!!

When one is with friends or especially you meet up after a long time, you get a new motivation/dimension/phase to your life. You have been struggling to overcome certain problems/difficulties or just plainly not emotinally motivated. Once you meet up with friends you get the extra power to give those problems/difficulties some more POWER shots to dissolve them completely out of your life.

Guess that's why they keep saying "KEEP IN TOUCH"!!! They are your energy chargers.

Yesterday while checking out who's birthday's fall in the next month came across the bookmark, One of My best friend has gifted me. It has a beautiful, true quote on it:

Friendships dont just "happen",
but the best ones seem to fall
into place right from the start,
naturally and easily,
as if they were meant to be,
like ours!

So Bye. T.C &
Please DO Keep in Touch!