A gift you gift yourself!

Hi Good day!

My goal for this month :D is reading books! Haven't read one in 2months. Books motivate me a lot. The one which has had profound impact on me is "The Present" by Spencer Johnson. Its a 100pages small book, but leaves you humbled after reading it. It explains the way to Success which is soo simple. The summary of this is pasted on my desk at home and my workplace.
The book's caption is "The Present,the gift you gift yourself"
Here's it for you:

The Present!

Three ways to use your present moments

Be in the present

When you want to be happy and successful

Focus on what is right NOW

Use your purpose to respond to what is important now.

Learn from the past

When you want to make the present better than the past

Look at what happened in the past.

Learn something valuable from it.

Do things differently in the present.

Plan for the future

When you want to make the future better than the present

See what a wonderful future would look like.

Make plans to help it happen

Put your plan into action in the present.

My repeated advice/threat/plead/suggestion for everyone is READ THIS BOOK! We have already gifted a dozen people with this book & continue to lend to friends & colleagues. Please people buy it(its a valuable book & u must have a copy) & READ/Experience/Realise/Integrate in ur lives!