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What do you do when you are traveling to work/home? Listen to music+read books+think about what happened during the day+what you will do when u reach home+what you will do during weekend+see the passing shops/scenery/people ...... Everything except traveling only physically to your destination.


Our mind keeps wandering through enormous sphere. They needn't be material/physical/mental/emotional/ or any sphere which can be given a name. It just wanders. It cant keep still on 1 thing. You enjoy it too. Some people find it helpful & say they get their 'brainwaves' this way, all out the blue. Most of the time if we don't have anything to think about, it switches to this mode of wandering aimlessly like a butterfly from one flower to the other. We don't direct it, it just goes on & on on its own. We say we can control this wandering easily. We try it, when listening to our family/friends speak, in meetings, doing our favorite things/hobbies,...

But try doing this when something bad happens & you want to forget it. Or even for the matter something exceptionally Good thing happens. & you say it yourself 'No!I am not going to think about it anymore.'

??? Hows it going?

Ummm Keep Trying, you can do it.

Have you had a sweet dish after lunch today. You get to have the same sweet tomorrow too. Then the next day some other person gets you a different sweet. You know you shouldn't be having sweets everyday. What about the Calorie Count!!! ;) But still when you dont get something sweet within the day you start thinking about having something sweet. As it turns out you get to have bar of Chocolate & you are happy & say 'My! Am I lucky.' The next day you get late for lunch & no sweet+loads of work for you, so the sweet is skipped. But the next day you are on time, your day has been going good & after lunch you again feel like having a sweet(sort of pat on the back for yourself for working so hard). But there is no sweet. You console yourself & get back to work. But the sweet is still on your mind & you while away your time, coz your mind/brain is in no mood to work. 2 hours later your frustrated that no work has been done & you still don't feel like working. You come to the conclusion, "Its the sweet, I need to have it". So you start thinking of what you can eat. All kinds come to your mind, making your mouth water. You think of the easiest & fastest way to get something sweet to eat. You try getting out of your workplace & buy it, but your boss/colleague stops you with some work. You try to wrap it up but your stuck with it for lot more time & you cant concentrate coz your mind is nagging at you to go & get that Sweet. You end up spending lots more time on that task & messing it up more. Its the end of the day, you have more work to do, your irritated(blaming it on the management, last minute they come up with tasks, blah blah...), Sweet has become a sore pain in the head now.

So a pleasure giving activity has become a Pain inducing one, but still you want it more & more. You know its bad effects on health, work, mental peace,... but still 1 tini-wini piece wont harm u, is what the mind will advice you.

You have an early morning meeting tomorrow. You are supposed to up by 6am & on your way to office by 7:30am. You end up getting up at 7. Your temper shoots up. You get mad at yourself+your mom/spouse/.. for not waking you up, start thinking how the boss is going to be mad & whats going to go wrong... Getting more Mad/frustrated. You start getting ready in that rush/angry mood & create more havoc. When you finally get out(already late), you manage to get transport & breath easily till you reach office. You feel drained already & your head feels heavy. You say to yourself 'No, please no headache today'. But still the head starts felling all the more heavier. You reach office, with a headache coming ON. The meeting is a total washout for you, you are bothered about the head which is throbbing now & your thinking of all the painkillers to take when you get out of this meeting, so that the rest of the day goes fine. You manage to take the painkillers+couple of strong cups of coffee/tea. By midday, this has become 'Worst headache I ever Had!'. You tell your friends/colleagues/family members about it, ask them tips on stopping it. Lunch is out the question, so you skip it. You just want to get rid of it.Your work is suffering. Your boss is mean to you that day. You start complaining to yourself or consoling yourself+seeking condolence from everyone for the Boss & the headache. Some how the day is gone, with no or more piled up work+ you feeling like cracking your head open to relieve+ your work/family members getting symptoms of a headache+visit to the doctor+drained out feeling+... (I never get headaches 1 so don't know how it feels later too ;) )

The post is named Art of Living. But what do you think I am driving at with contents of this post?

We'll go to the next post & more about this depending on the comments/opinions we get from readers of this blog. So once more, please do Post in your Take on this.

Waiting for your revert :)

Bye.Take care.


  1. Hey nice post on "Art of leaving". Its so nice that you post it twice J

    for the bad things we always say
    'No! I am not going to think about it anymore, forget it' that’s right,
    but that bad things coming in mind again and again. And ur mind keep rotating around it, for finding out reason behind it, though u found the reason. your time for finding it and the time after that is so boring / ur so nervous about it , you do not have mood for any thing [:)] i am trying to keep my mind away from it but not able to :) , so try to find good from that.

    like some one said

    Strong people make mistakes like weak people do,
    The difference is: Strong people admit them,
    Laugh at them and learn from them. That is how they become strong.

    Keep posting

  2. wow so so true !! Its all about thoughts isint it ?? And what you have written about that Sweet Addiction is absolutely true...Your mind wants it ....and giving you signals to eat..but u dont...and say all these things ohh my will power is very strong i wont eat...and start doing something else.

    But not for a very long time though :D.....i have eaten 1 choclate couple of times like that..i wanted to eat in morning...but after controlling myself for most of the day....i do end up eating by night :)as i cant stop thinking about it !!

    And i m not even Sorry about it heheheh....infact i feel happy after eating that choclate !

    Keep posting !!

  3. It's a nice post. It's common for all of us to drench in thoughts. when we don't want to think about one issue that's it.we will get that particular type of thoughts more and more. So what is the solution? we have to maintain balance between thoughts and actions? We have to control our thoughts by analysing the pros and cons of that action. so that we can control our thoughts to postpone that action.

    thanks for such a nice article.


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