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Hi  Good day ppl !
  Say Hello to Monsoon & Good bye to Summers. Along with that comes good bye to hot sweltering heat, sweat, kokam sherbats, panha, chilled juices, milshakes, pickle & papad making, summer vacations, masti time &.... Mangoes/Aam/Amba/....

They say mangoes are hot by nature & should be had with limits. But once Rains set, they should not be had at all. Some say they start getting worms, some say its bad for health.... Whatever the reason we had our fill this summer ! Thanks to all the neighbours & relatives for sending them over ;)

So here is saying Good bye to the last set of mangoes. Finish them fast before the Rains Really Set in .

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Bye. Tc. Have a great week ahead !!! :)


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