Whats that pic-2

Hi good day ppl!
Today morning woke up & got to see this amusing way of drying keds. I quickly clicked a pic, but I am stuck with what caption to give it.

- High Life
- Life with strings attached by the supreme power above ;)
- Walking in air

Please suggest a good caption for this pic.

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Waiting for your comments.

Bye. tc.


  1. हवा मैं उडाता जाये मेरा लेदर का जूता वूडलैंड हो जी हो जी .....

  2. aaj me upar asma niche .... pehen ne wale age socks hai piche....

  3. :D Those are really cool & funny captions. Thanks Chaitanya & Asawari. Please keep them coming.

  4. Nice pic and even better captions. I am not too good at them and will just enjoy the posts :D

  5. Now that's what they mean when they say - Hanging your boots!

  6. For Sale .....
    Buy one other free free free!!!

  7. Thank you Chand & all others for the lovely, quirky captions :D


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