Whats that pic-11

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Posting after a loooong time. So till I compile new posts, there are many in the making, please check these interesting new 'whats that pic' series.

Buland bharat ki buland tasvir... Humara Bajaj !

We see this bike driven by a handicap man near our office in Mahim on our walks. Sadly he was not around when we clicked this pic, would have loved to ask him questions :)

Speaking of Bajaj, remember the Ad playing on DD when we were kids? Check it out here :D

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  1. Incredible, ingenious and super innovative. Would love to see this in person and take detailed pics.

    Please share the location (google maps link would be nice)

    Thank you!

  2. Thanks Shrinivas Krishnamurthy for the blog comment. I too want to get to know more about this person. I am trying to recall if he drives from the sidecar or the scooter. Mostly sidecar, but how is what I want to know. Let you know :)


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