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A much needed holiday for me. What about you all? Yesterday bought the book 'The old man and his God' by Sudha Murty. Its a collection of stories mostly real life & simply told, which is the beauty of novels by Sudha Murty. Have read most of the English books she has written. Love all of them.

This one has a story called HoreGallu. 'HoreGallu' literally means 'stone that can bear weight'. These Horegallu are found under trees in villages where travellers, villagers can rest in between their journey or work. They usually have besides them a pot of cool water to quench & refresh the traveller along with much needed rest.

In this story the author is telling about 2people in her life who performed this duty selflessly. One was her grandfather a retired school teacher who used to sit under this tree and listen to the travellers or villagers who came to rest there. He did not give suggestions/solutions to their problems, but just patiently listened to what they had to say.

He used to say,
A Horegallu is important in any journey. People carry their burdens according to our situation or capacities. Once in a while we need to stop, put down the burden and rest. Only then can we be refreshed to pick up the load once more. The Horegallu does just that, it helps them regain thier strength.

The second person was a collegue who was middle aged, always smiling & was with the company for 25years. She did her mundane work with cheerfullness which was infectious. She also did 1more thing. Everyday during lunch hour she would sit with a different person & have long chats with them. When asked what they chatted she would say 'They share their troubles with me.I only listen'.

She also said
'No one can solve your problem. You have to do it yourself', 'When a person is in trouble or under a lot of strain finds an outlet for his worries, it relieves half his burden.'
This way she relieved them of their burden for a short while, till they are ready to pick themselves up and carry on with their journey.

Everyone needs a Horegallu in their Life's journey. It can be a break, a talk with a friend, vacation, or even an argument which refreshes/refocuses you on your path.

Some people are good listeners and trustworthy not to publicize your secrets/problems. We need such people in our life's and should thank them whenever we can.

A few weeks ago, working late at office & tired totally one of my best friend was online for chat. We chatted for 2-3minutes but it refreshed me to an extent I told her I was glad you came to chat. She was hesitant+she is always modest & said I didnt say anything motivational like you do, so why are you so happy about it. I said I didnt know, but maybe I just needed to talk to someone like her.

Thank you to all my family/friends who listen to my chatter/problems all the time ;).

Also this quote was on my Todays fortune a few days ago:
A good listener is not only popular everywhere, but after a while he knows something.

Since I have almost told you this 1story from the book, please do go & read the entire book. I have read half of it in this 1day holiday & again Loving this one too by Sudha Murty. She too is one Horegallu for me from time to time.

See you soon. Bye. Take care. Happy Looong weekend.


  1. thank you.your review is really useful to students and teachers as well.I have quoted you in my blog


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