Event: Mumbai Marathon 2012

Hi Good day ppl !
I Finished ! The medal, all runners who complete the Half marathon get it. Its worth hodling it in your hand for all the efforts.

Weekend here again. I have been having some interesting activity filled weekends these days. Last week being the Mumbai Marathon 2012. Its the 9th Edition of the Standard Chartered Mumbai Marathon. After doing the Dream Run (6Kms) for 4years I decided to do the Half Marathon(21kms) this year. The only unfortunate thing being I didnt practise at all for it. Friends had been preparing for it for 6months & they made superb timings. The cutoff timing was 3hrs, ie you have to complete the Marathon in 3hours.

So as usual here is a picture guided tour of the Half Marathon this year. Its a long picture post, but Im sure you wont mind going till the end. :) Click on the images to view the enlarged pics.
Holding area for Half Marathon. Race Start time was 6:15am at Bandra Fire station. The Sections were divided according to your earlier timings. Runners running since few years & having good timing were given A/B section & others C/D.

Bhago Chalo Ho gaya ! Thats what the security guard urged us :D It was 6:25 when we actually got to the starting point where Celebrities like Raghu & Ranvijay of Roadies cheered us on.
Around 1kms the Worli Sea Link starts. Yipee ! After cycling on it for Mumbai Cyclothon 2011, it was amazing to be running on it. :)
Hell NO ! 50Kmph ! I can hardly do 4-5Kmph :p
Here comes the Sea Link. I love it always ! Sorry for the blurred pic, see I was walking too fast atleast if not running ;) :D
Twilight ! Its beautiful to see it on such occasions & at Vipassana sessions
Amazing ! Grandeur ! Mammoth ! All adjectives to define are ... Amazed by it everytime. Still this time I controlled on clicking pictures, of its every meter.
Security ! Police partrol cars were througout the 42km running track area, making sure there was free moving traffic & runners could run aaram se.
Mumbai ! Notice the small boat below making waves.
Chandomama ! Follows me every where or may be I notice it everywhere :)
The 42kms runners already on the other side of the sea link, That means these guys had completed 20kms already out of 42, while we were done with just 3kms :p Buck up !
The water stations ! There were many such all along the route.
Age is no criteria to stop pushing yourself beyond limit.
The 42km runners. The Blue coloured Bibs were for 42kms, the White for 21kms, Green for Dream runners.
Does it look like Mumbai ? ! A slight sun tip can be seen.
And Here comes the Sun tu ru ru
Oh we had some more running company, Dogs. They say there was a monkey too :D
Yep, 19 degree celcius at 7:30am.
2nd milestone INS TRATA
The beautiful RPG building. Nearing Prabhadevi now.
Come on Aunty Come on ! The crowd cheered this lady, Hope she completed it :)
The selfless volunteers, the kids were having fun helping distributing bottles of water, biscuits, bananas. God bless them ! These also made runners stumble trying to avoid these little champions running around distributing bottles :)
The leading group, like always runners from Kenya. They dont run, they just fly past you like a breeze.
The BMW X6 was the official car for the Marathon & lead the first few leading runners with their timers.
Phew ! Yippee ! 10kms Done !!! Now the finish line seems attainable. :)
Worli west Diary
Milind Soman ! Among many regular Marathon celebrities !
Haji Ali !
Lift milega ? At the Mahalaxmi Race course :)
Kuch Mitha Ho jaye ! Cadbury @Peddar Road
Peddar road get tough to cross coz its a climb but the residents made it easier, with clapping,cheering, offering fruits,biscuits.
Oh Boy that looks good, can I use it plz ;)
The open air media bus for coverage of the run.
Beta have some biscuits..No Uncle thank you..Sure beta? :) God bless you Uncle.
Japan ! Point the camera & they waved !
Thats how you are escorted when you are leading.
Wave ! Cheer ! Its fun to dance on good load music but superb fun to run on good music. The crowd cheered-Come on little more, Zindagi na milegi doobara :)
Porsche !
Wilson College@Chowpaty.

Cooling zones. There were 3of these on the route. They had tiny sprinklers overhead which cools you down.
Tarapoor wala aquarium. Guess its closed now for renovation.
The Dhol tasha & fun part begins.

Media coverage resources.
The Dream run around Marine lines. Check the crowd !


Everyone loves being clicked. The Dream runners posing for this photographer.

The dress theme.Dream runners are encouraged to support a cause or showcase a theme message. This group depicted the plight of mother earth,politics,corruption,...

Finish Line ! I Finished ! In 4hrs 8mins, walking 21kms hardly ran 700meters. Patting myself on the back.

Some couldnt control their happiness.

Some suffered.

I Finished ! The medal, all runners who complete the Half marathon get it. Its worth hodling it in your hand for all the efforts.

Congratulations to all the runners. Be Proud of yourself, you all did what others only thought about ! :)

Hope you do atleast Full/Half Marathon soon :)

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Bye. Tc.Have an awesome week ahead ! :)


  1. Congratulations!!

    What was your bib number? Have clicked a few pics and would like to see if yours is one :)

  2. Ladki tu Star hain! Nice pics!

  3. Bluelima, tu Star hain! Nice pics

    Totally proud of you. You are living my dream ;)
    Excellent pictures - I am living through your camera, it looks like. That was quite a long way to walk. Superb!
    Looking forward to hearing of more dreams of yours coming true. All the best!

  5. very good post...

  6. Wow! Such beautiful pics. This makes me miss home (which is Mumbai for me). Someday, I hope to run the Mumbai Marathon. Someday. :)


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