Event-Mumbai Cyclothon 2011, 13th Feb 2011

Good day ppl!
This weekend went for the Mumbai Cyclothon-Tour De Mumbai 2011. After its huge response last year, this year too it was arranged. It was on 13th feb 2011.
It had 4groups:
-Kids Group 3Km
-Amateur Ride 28km
-Green Ride 15km
-Corporate Ride 28km

I participated in the Green Ride. It was fun, but the bad organisation & waiting for the race to start spoilt the mood.

The Green ride wound from the MET ground, Worli Sea link (3/4th) & back to MET ground.

The Vision of the Cyclothon as mentioned on their Facebook page:
Our vision is to create awareness about Cycling and its close relation with our heart. So far in India cycle is considered as poor man's transport, rich man's hobby and medical activity for the olds.

One of the organisors was MET. So the holding area was MET Ground, Bandra(W).

All set!

The event was to start at 7am. So participants were requested to be in by 6am. Lot of people came from far. You needed to register before 13th feb 2011. If you didnt have a cycle you could rent one from the organisors for Rs.500+ nonrefundable.

Nearing 7am, the crowd was all geared up & getting restless.

Everyone sported their own style. These 2dudes were in total mood, Papa's day out with kiddo.

Sunrise!!! Past 7am & still now the Amateur ride has just started. They let out lots of cyclists, in order to keep roads cleared.

Kids run was 3km. They were all cheerful, sunny but the wait was putting a damper on their spirits. Parents had a tough time, keeping them confined in those areas when they were raring to go.

Another group. The cycle in center had everyone checking it out. Cycles can be a style statement too now-a-days.

Start/Finish near the Worli Sea link toll naka.

Worli Sea link
Here we go, with the Worli Sea link in the distance beckoning us.After watching its inauguration ceremony of Laser show 2years ago, being on the Sea link has its own thrill

Worli Sea linkWow, this structure is Huge. Just couldnt get the perfect-enough shots to justify its grandeur!

Worli Sea linkThe smaller towers on the other side towards Worli.

Worli Sea link
These cables with sunlight glistening on them had me captivated. Dont know was even cycling or not ;)

Worli Sea link

Worli Sea link
Mammoth is what it Spells !

Worli Sea link
Again the cables & their Symmetry.

The way back to the Finish line.

Shadow on the road, who can it be ;)

The VIP stands, to announce the winners.

A few celebrities I could catch to click pics. Sorry to disturb you guys :)

Check out the inauguration ceremony of the Worli Sea link pics:
Bandra Sea Link-Laser Show !

The Tour De Web18 we had as a company outing was fun.
The Mumbai Marathon which we have been attending since 3years, is a must do every year.

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1more activity from my to-do list done :)

Try cycling once every week, another destressing activity.

Bye. tc


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