Mumbai-NO TV DAY-29th Jan 2011

Hi good day ppl!

NO TV DAY-29th Jan 2011. I loved the concept when I first heard about it on the radio.I am a person who forgets everything around her once I get in front of the idiot box & loose precious hours. So now-a-days avoid it or watch it during dinner sometimes.

The radio station said you could win a free helicopter ride for you & your family by just sending an SMS. I was thrilled, coz I have been wanting to go for such a Helicopter ride since a long time & have tried sending SMS during Ganpati festival too for their Watch Visarjan from a helicopter event too.

So when I got a call that I had been selected, I was besides myself. I first called my mom & told her about it. She was blank at first & then said good, go enjoy it ;). After that I went and checked the FB fan page for the HT NO TV Day, saw that there were many activities organised. I wanted to try all of them.

But I decided to go for the Helicopter ride & the Heritage walk fom Jehangir art gallery around South Mumbai.

The helicopter ride was to start from Juhu Aerodom. We were told there were 50 winners for this event. When I reached the first batch was getting ready. I was to join the second batch. We were briefed about the instructions, to-do's & not-to-do's. The sad part being no camera or mobile phones allowed due to security reasons. I thought what fun if you cant click pictures. The
helicopter was a 4seater comfortable one, with provision for 1more person to sit with the pilot. I had imagined it quiet differently. We started off from the Juhu old airport, then went around Colaba area. We saw the Ambani's house, the Raj Bhavan with its ever spreading grounds housing a helicopter within it. We wanted to go near Gateway of India, but couldnt go. It was beautiful, to see the blue, shimmering Arabian sea spread all around. The slums looked like coloured pastels spread on a drwaing sheet. The concrete jungle looked like puzzle pieces which have just been organised. The people looked quiet tiny. It was fun trying to recognise each location or trying to find something familiar. The pilot was announcing each location as we passed through the microphone & could hear it if we were wearing the head set.

It was a Super 30min ride over Ammachi Mumbai, a Life-Time experience. I dont regret at having no pictures of the ride, it was WORTH IT :D

After that I headed to Kala ghoda sqaure to catch the open-bus-ride. I love exploring places, South Mumbai & Dadar being my favourite for the British/Gothic architectures. I always miss the heritage walk during Kala Ghoda fest, so was determined to enjoy myself this time. So once I reached Kala Ghoda, I saw there was also a Vintage car exhibition happening. So couldnt resist clicking a few snaps of the cars too. Next I went to check about the bus which comes every 45mins for ride. While waiting made friends,had sugarcane juice, chatted with the volunteers & in no time the bus was back. It was a rush to get the seats on top. The volunteers tried their best to keep it all organised, good work guys! We started off with a lot of hooting & whistles. There were kids, youngster, senior citizens, families, babies. Everyone wanted to explore Mumbai. We went around Price of Wales musuem, Mumbai Police Headquarters, Regal & Eros theatres, Hutatma chowk, Flora fountain, BSE & Dalal street, the Naval Dockyard, GPO, VT/CST, Marine lines, RBI-old & new building, Wankhede stadium, Churchgate station,.....

It was fun watching all these locations in a peaceful way instead of rushing past them other times when we are in these areas.

I reached home to tell tales of all that I had seen & on Monday was the envy of all my collegues. They are still pestering me to upload pictures which I am doing. But I have clicked so many that its taking time, coz I am recollecting & reliving those moments everytime I see them :)

Thanks HT for organising a well-thought, well-organised, intellectual & informative Day in the life of all Mumbaikars. Would love to celebrate it every year.

The FB fan page

is hosting contests for participants who upload videos/photos/stories about NO TV DAY & also for users who like/tag/comment on these. So go upload or vote/comment on the posts to win & help others win ;) The Spirit of Mumbai ;)

Check the upcoming posts for the posts & pics of South Mumbai Darshan & the Vintage car rally.

A well spent weekend & a week which is going good too :D

Bye. Tc.


  1. that's a really nice experience nilima.. glad you enjoyed so much.. very imaginative writing.. it was like i had a helicopter ride while reading :)

  2. Hi Nilima.I am Arun Desale,one of the co-winner of contest and your copassenger of helicopter ride. Truly it was great experience.I experienced the same but you expressed it in very gracefully. Thanks.
    (P.S. Did that guy mail you our photos which he had taken in ride? If you get please share it on my wall.)

  3. Hi good day!
    Arun, thank you for the comment. Many people are saying that, its being written beautiful & easy to imagine. :) thanks, I guess my writting is improving.
    I am still awaiting the videos/photo. Lets c if I get them, ill surely share them with you.

  4. Hey nice to hear that u took the No TV day in total spirit!! Cheers to u for living each day with a gusto of a traveler who jus arrived in a new town...And also sharing the wonderful experience with us....


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