Event: Mumbai's Biggest Diwali Party 2010

Hi good day!
DIWALI is on the way. We every year spend money, time, efforts,.. to make it a special celebration for ourselves, family, friends,...

How about adding a little more efforts to make it special for those who are not so fortunate.
We through one of our friends volunteered for an event called "Mumbai's Biggest Diwali Party".
This event is being organised since 27years by Madhu Mehta Foundation. Read more here

It brings together 1500 children from orphanages & remand homes. They are treated to a warm welcome, snacks, entertainment, dinner & gifts.

This is organised at the Mahalakshmi Race course, Mini Club every year before diwali. They take only few selected volunteers too. The special thing about this event & what suprised me was the way its systematically organised. No confusion.

It started at 5pm & went on till 9pm.

There were live performances to entertain the little guests who took full part in them enthusiastically.

The dinner is a sit down ones & is served in pangat style. The children are well looked after & made to feel special. Some need to be feed by hand & have their care takers with them. The volunteers make sure all the children are well served.

One pangat is of 800 children.

The gifts section. Each kid is gifted a bag full of things which they would require on a daily basis. It includes full scape books, registers, notebooks, pencil set, pencil boxes, soaps, towels, crayons, bowls, chocolates, tooth paste,brush,... & every fire crackers :). These gifts were contributed by corporates & organisations.

This young one was loving distributing toys to each special kid & would wish everyone whole heartedly "Happy Diwali". Each kid was also returning the greeting & showing their gratitude with a big smile. Their enthusiam was infectious & made us volunteers try harder to make them more comfortable.

The kids are sent off in an equally grand way :)

It was a well spent evening. Hope the children had a great time too.

It feels like enjoying this times Diwali with a little more enthusiasm & satisfaction :)

How are you spending your Diwali time??

Bye. Tc. Have a great week & preparation time for Diwali.


  1. Very touching! A very worthy evening indeed. I am sure you will enjoy your festival all the more for this :)


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