Sailing at Gateway of India!

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Have you ever thought of going in the sea on a sail boat? We few friends thought about trying it sometime when we were traveling to Alibaug last month.

Our wish came true, when a friend sent us a link of the site that set up daily deals. That day the deal was: 2hours of sailing for Rs. 500 instead of the actual cost Rs.3000. We were thrilled!!!

So since the deal was getting over in 1hour we booked 6tickets. After many people dropping out, we finally 6 of us went for Sailing, Finally !

It was 18april 2010, a Sunday. We had booked for 6 people the 2pm slot, the only one left. So we got 1boat all to ourselves. We collected at Gateway of India, jetty no.5 & were taken in a small boat to the main sailboat. We were adorned with life jackets, had our caps,glares, sun protection on.

The main sail boat could hold max. 10 people. So 6 of us, plus crew of 2members, was a comfortable ride. Our skipper Abhishek, gave us the basic rules & to-do things before reached our sail boat.

Aquasail owns 25such boats. This is how it looks with its sails down.

Once on board & our bags in the cabin below we were set for the ride. We went further into the sea & put up our sails. They said that day the weather was a little rough. There was a strong wind & we were going around 40km/h. They said if we went any faster than this, it would be very uncomfortable ;).
The sail is up now & a strong wind too.

The skipper Abhishek & his assistant. The rod he is holding is the sterring for the boat. No accelerator or brakes here ;)

Half way into the first round Abhishek asked few of us to come to 1side of the boat. Only 1of us was left on the other side & was asked to sit on the floor of the boat. Before we realised it, the Boat did a 45degree tilt. We were on the upside holding onto the thin railing-kind-of-wire, screaming. The guy at the bottom had a scared look on his face, lol !! :D

If you observe, the boat is tilted to the left.

It was fun. The water gushed into the boat & also spraying all of us with foam. It was lovely. We each of us were allowed to steer the boat. Its opposite of driving a car.

2of us girls wanted to soak our feet in the water, we were told to sit astride the boat facing the sea. Whola, we were having fun, 2 girls-feet in the water-laughing away to glory with each splash of the wave :). Pure fun!!!

Cool wind in my hair, the sun shining on me, water splashing me feet, good friends for company, a great trust worthy skipper. What more can you ask???? :)

Awesome deal, lucky we, money well spent !

Looking for more such deals. Visit:

The company which organises these sail & water activities is: AquasailIndia.

Planning to do a short course on learning how to sail. Wat say?? :)

Never had thought I would do such a thing, but glad I did it.

Look out for next update on my travel spree ;)

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A private boat.

One of Aquasailindia's boat.

Ratan Tata owns this boat.


  1. Awesome! Good to see a good work-life balance happn.


  2. It appears to have been a fun trip! Nice pics! Envyyyyyyyyyy

  3. Nice snaps with complete vibes of sea!

  4. cud upls gimme da contact no of da concerned ppl??
    ASAP pls!!!


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