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The Tiger WAS the national animal of India. This statement will be true soon, unless something constructive is not done. So lets ask schoolchildren to write essays, sign petitions, register your name on websites & brands which will contribute towards saving the Tiger,.....

But does that help? Few months ago there were hoardings 1400tigers left, but what was done for that?

I frankly speaking was astonished & after a few days forgot all about it. But today in trying to spend a productive Sunday was told by my friend there is a event happening about wildlife conservation at the Mahim National park. I was more interested in the Vintage car rally but since we were clueless & late, so we decided to visit this event.

Point to be noted:Did you ever feel curious about whats inside the Mahim National Park which is opposite Dharavi bus depot & on the way towards Bandra? I have felt that multiple times, but never planned to visit or find more about it.

To tell you in short, its beautiful! They have butterflies, snakes, a variety of birds, trees, insects, ... & its a forest which was a city garbage dump before. Read more: You can organize a group of max 30ppl, pay 150Rs, get an interpreter who will show you around the entire area & answer all your questions. The tour will take around 2hours. Not bad, wat say Birdwatchers & Butterfly snap-shooters?

Ok, coming back to the event.
It was organised by Tiger Watch, supported by Land of the Wild & Dhonk.

Tiger Watch: Tiger Watch works with Moghiyas, a community notorious for poaching in Rajasthan. For details:

Land of the Wild: Its a team which conducts wildlife photography tours. Check out their upcoming schedules :

Dhonk: Dhonk is an enterprise which brings to the market the handicrafts made by the Moghiya community which will give them a different source of income & stop them from poaching as means of livelihood.

There were documentaries being show.
In the documentary 'Curbing the crises' the way tigers are poached, their trade, the process, the legal involvement, the problems,... all were shown.

The photography exhibition was superb with the photographs on sale & we could talk to one of the photographers-Sachin Rai in person. Discussed with & his team members the upcoming wildlife photography tours they are conducting.

The handicraft exhibition too was good with normal prized daily use articles.

We spent around 2hours free of cost, but a productive, information packed, eye-opener time there. Glad we went for it. Thanks to the friend who took the initiative of finding more about it & leading me to this. Now we at least know whats happening on the area of tiger conservation in India. Lets see how we can be a small part in this initiative.

Highlights of this post:
  • Do visit the Mahim National park.

Managing the house, visiting the park & event, guitar class, cooking, catching up with relatives & spending time with parents-all in all A GR8 Weekend! :)

Feel like doing some more on-the-spot activities which will make you go -Wooho! ;)

Can feel a gr8 week coming up-wat say! Hope you feel the same. :)


  1. Hi, thanks for that pic of the Mahim Nature Park. I live but a hop, skip and jump from there. But I have never been there as I have heard that there are a number of restrictions while going there and how it is very hot, drab, etc. You have given me a totally new outlook and the picture just adds to it. Will visit soon. You can look out for my blog on it very soon. :D

  2. Hi Sundari,
    Thanks for the comment. It being darb & hot is normal coz its a forest. I am going tomorrow, guess you will get 1more blog post from me on this 1 again ;).


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