Trek: Tungareshwar-2010

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I had a gr8 weekend ! Our company organized a trek to Tungareshwar near Vasai on 21st August 2010. So including my team members, 41 of us headed for this trek. Didnt know it would be such a good, fun filled, relaxing+sweetly tiring trek :).

Tungareshwar is one of the highest mountain plateaus in Vasai. It is at an altitude of about 2177 feet. It has a Lord Shiva temple & gushing streams to enjoy.

At the base there is a forest check post. From this point onward starts the actual trek of Tungareshwar.

You get streams in your way up. Its fun to walk through the cold, gushing waters & rounded slippery stones.

The Chaka chak temple on the way. The names are strange, read the entire board 'Udasen math' :D

The streams keep running all around the path.

Sometimes they are knee deep, sometimes difficult to cross because of sharp edged rocks.

Tungareshwar is rich in its flora and fauna. Warblers, red-vented bulbuls and crow-pheasants will keep company for some time.

You can find them at the base of the hill.

The Tungareshwar Shiva temple. Its main 'Gabhara' (where the Shiv ling is) is sort of below surface level or underground. It was dark inside, dont know the reason. But once you are inside with the chanting of mantras you can feel the energy vibrations :)

My mom & me love deep-stambhs which are like huge candle/lamp stands around temples in olden days.There are beautifully carved & look exceptionally beautiful when fully lit on nights. This is a different one.

Liked the way the nooks are made for the diyas. This way the diyas will remain alight even on windy nights, this temple being on a mountain.

The entrance to the temple. At the far end & below is the Gabhara. Beware of the sadhus which are standing right outside on the other end to apply tika, tie sacred red thread & demand money for it. They can be aggressive.

The Web18 group after taking darshan raving to enjoy in the waterfall.

The waterfall behind was so much in force that you could not stand near, sure to be swept off your feet. We went up this water fall & found a natural swimming pool.

This natural diving board was the icing on the cake. Each of us took multiple rounds at diving once we overcame our fear. I tried it thrice & loved it each time. Superb! Full paisa & effort vasul. :D

Even after a heavy meal of vada pav, parathas, dosa, chips, chai Every1 was ready for bhutta time. This stall did a super sale with 40 wet, tired, happy trekkers who were heading home with a slight drizzle coming on.

All in all a superb, easy, fun trek. Loved each moment of it. The group was good, the atmosphere cloudy but cool & ready to pour, the location gr8, the streams full on gushing. It started raining only after we started our trek downhill.

Try it if you haven't gone for this 1.

Please carry extra pair of clothes(we had problems with track pants tearing), shoes(they go for a toss & heavy once they get wet)- instead floaters are good, first aid, water, food(there are few stalls at top but better if you carry your own).

Happy monsoon trekking to all of you. :)
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Back to work. Have a productive week ahead before the festivities start.

Bye. Take care :)


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  2. truly a wonderful place ....
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