Trek-River rafting at Kolad

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Guess doing too much of water sports activities now-a-days ;). On 21st july2010 did River Rafting at Kolad. Kolad is a superb place to do all kinds of adventure sports activities.

Few weeks before had got a mail informing about this trip. My cousin called me up & checked if I wanted to join. I thought this is something different than normal trekking, lets do it. So the next day my cousin registered for both of us. There are always limited seats for this activity. So always register 1month ahead. I couldnt inform most of my entu friends.

We were asked to assemble at 5:45am at Sion station where the bus would pick us up. It was late in coming. So around 9am we reached Kolad. Stopped at the place where our breakfast & rest of day arrangements were made.

It was a foggy, dark & cloudy day. We hoped it would pour, making rafting a more fun thing to do.

All geared up. We were divided in groups of 9 people each. 1 raft can hold max 10 people.

Our instructor explained the various commands, the correct way to row, to-do's & not-to-do's. We did a drill on land first to understand what we were supposed to do.

All rafts in the water joining the main stream. There are many rapids here. Each having a name like Butterfly, Rajdhani express, hangover, .... :D

The weather was like this but it didnt rain :(. The place was quiet, peaceful with the only sound of water gushing by & birds crying out

We hi-fived every now & then to keep our spirits high. We learned a lot of war-cry sort of ;)

We also got to get in the water, swim & splash around. With the life jacket on no need to fear. Also the depth was 5feet.Guys could touch the rocky bed aaram se

Kalpataru group snap.

On the journey back home. The mountains had many such gushing streams.

Our instructor had told us to bend forward & row swinging your whole upper body else you will be in pain next day. Guess I followed his instructions correctly, so didnt have any pain the next day only sweet kind of exhaustion ;).

It was a fun thing to do. If you get a chance do it. Its a little expensive than a normal trek but good to try once. Go for it :)

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Bye. Tc. Happy Week ahead.


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