Travel: Long Drives

Hey Good day!

Loooong Weekend ?? :) How did you all spend it? What better way than to go on vacation & that to drive to that destination.

Last 2months me & my family has been shuttling between our native place & Mumbai attending family functions & weddings. The best way is to drive the 3-4hour journey along the Expressway. Love the smooth drive, instead of the old ghat way.

I am a big fan of Looong Drives now :)

Being the navigator for my papa is 1 gr8 way to enjoy the drive.

Crossing Panvel. Near Patalganga.

Near Lonavala. Dont know the name of this old train station. But love it everytime I have seen it. Would love to visit it once.

The monsoons hit the ghat this year early. So even in May the trees & mountains were in lush green & in bloom.

Dhoop-Chaav. The dark clouds causing shadows on the moutains.

Wish can carry the camera at all times. The sunsets & sunrises are gr8 shoots in the mountains.

Reaching Mumbai-home sweet home :)

Didnt go today to Wai. Due to the Bandh my parents got out at 5am to reach for a family wedding at 6pm :P.

Bye.Take care. Hope you too have great loong drives experiences. :)
Have a great week ahead.


  1. As usual, lovely pics. I too enjoy these long drives that you are talking about. My husband and I take off quite often to either Lonavla or Khopoli whenever possible. Great fun!

  2. yeah, I had seen the post before and had also posted a comment. Don't know how I did not notice the gul mohar. Lovely pic and I also like the twilight pic at the end. Beautiful

  3. Gorgeous sights along the highway!
    Glad you made it back home safely and shared all those beautiful images with us,
    thank you,


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