Event: Eco-Friendly Ganesha Idol making workshop with JAMMs at The Culture Studio, Mulund

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Ganpati festival is over. So this post is late since I had 5day Gauri-Ganpati at my house. But still would like to share the wonderful experience we had of making Ganesha Idols in an eco-friendly way thanks to JAMMs and The Culture Studio. Check my Prasad contribution for our family Ganpati, Event: Mithai Cupcake workshop by Chef Anees at APB Studio with JAMMs

JAMMs mommy+kids Eco Ganesha Idol Making workshop at The Culture Studio, Mulund
JAMMs mommy+kids Eco Ganesha Idol Making workshop at The Culture Studio, Mulund
Our Ganesha Idol was submerged in the artificial lake with our family Ganpati and Gauri idols.

Introductions ! Getting to know more about the Teachers, JAMMs and The Culture Studio
Introductions ! Getting to know more about the Teachers, JAMMs and The Culture Studio

JAMMs, our no-nonsense only Momsense Mommy group tied up with The Culture Studio to conduct this fun & learning workshop for kids and mommies. It gave the kids a glimpse into the Ganesha festival, unique experience to play with hands with Shadu (natural clay from river beds), tenacity to complete something, satisfaction of creating something so divine. All the mommies agreed it was like meditation or had a calming experience on each of them.
Step by Step we make our Ganu Bappa !

Thanks to the Teacher Pankaj Patil and his team who very patiently taught step by step how to make the Idols. The way they explained it in simple terms gave us non-crafty-hands moms confidence that we can do justice in making a good-looking Ganesha ;)
Kids offline bonding & showing off their Creations :)
Kids offline bonding & showing off their Creations :)

Thanks to JAMMs and The Culture Studio for organizing this workshop. The Culture Studio is becoming a hub for superb, unique sessions. The 2 ladies founders want people to come join The Culture Studio by participating or conducting sessions there. They have a huge space which can host conferences or dance sessions or any workshops for that matter. Its a warm, friendly, well equipped space. Do check it out.

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JAMMs : JAMM's is a no-nonsense & complete Momsense support group for social networking amongst Mumbai / New Mumbai based mothers. We connect online + offline ! It empowers mothers to come back into the workforce with their talents, hobbies, business they build and networking.
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The Culture Studio:  It provides the community with a meltingpot for different discussions. Things of interest for all age groups. A place where you can spend time doing what you really enjoy. Things that your heart desires.A place to listen, learn, discuss and share.
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Let us know of cool things you do especially for Kids ;)

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  1. Oh yes, it was such a lovely workshop.
    And it was noisy too, but, I would call it a noise of creativity, bustling amongst not just the kids but mums too.
    It was lovely to see all so self expressed and totally immersed in the process of making our favourite Lord Ganu.
    Totally meditative, zen like moment.. aha !!!

    1. :) Very True Kaushal. Thanks for the feedback. Lets do more such creative workshops, my kiddo will add to the noise and activity ;)

    2. Hahahaha i love him.. he is fully expressed.

  2. This looks like a lovely experience and you have totally become a JAMMY :).

    1. Haha Thank you Prerna for the comment. It was a relaxing experience. Yes, you do get addicted to JAMMs, dont you ? ;)


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