Event: Italian Cuisine cooking workshop by Nandita Gupta, organised by JAMMs

Good day Foodies,
A sudden foodie cooking mode came over me when I decided to attend an Italian Cuisine Cooking workshop conducted by Nandita Gupta and organised by JAMMs.
Nandita has been experimenting in food since she was a little girl. Her expertise are in all cuisines may it be Italian, Mexican, Continental, Lebanese,... Indian cooking she modestly says she is not good at, we beg to differ :)

So we 14 Jammies assembled at Nandita's house on 10th May from 2-5 pm to learn some mouth watering, cheesy Italian delicacies. Written recipe sheet was shared but what we learnt on the whole was more than what the sheet contained.

Arancini Balls in progress
 Nandita started with demonstrating how to make the Arancini balls. Its a super, recyclable way to use rice, if leftover then great. Healthy for kids, can be used as starter.

Eyes and all ears

Lets help. Its an interactive, hands on class
A few helped roll the rice into balls. It was a hands on, interactive session.

Rolling Whole Wheat homemade pasta.
Next was how to make home made whole wheat pasta. You can either use it fresh or dry it and use it within a week. A little effort instead of picking up a Del Monte or Borges pasta.
Magic Machine to flatten the pasta sheets
 There is a machine available to make the pasta sheets or noddles. Its an investments if you buy this one. Reminds me of the summers at native place where we used to roll out noddles of rice paste to be dried and fried as papad throughout the year.
Or go machine free
 If you dont have the machine, get your knife and go slicing as thin as you can. If you have the provision of sunlight filled area around you. You can dry them in sun for a day and then store them to be finished in a week, since no preservatives added to it.
Everyone wants to try
Everyone was fascinated with the machine :)
Pasta sheets for Lasagna
 These are the Pasta sheets to be used in layers of the Lasagna. The scraper was another thing that fascinated the Ladies :D

 Help and watch.
Coated Arancini balls
 Double coated balls. Tip: Add crushed cornflakes and oats to the breadcrumbs. It will give an extra crunch to the coating.
Boiled Pasta sheets
Tip: Pasta sheets need to put in boiling water and immediately transferred to cold water to avoid tearing and sticking together.

Setting up the Lasagna
The Lasagna was layers of pasta sheets, a veggies mix, red sauce, cheese & repeat. Slurrp !

Ready to go in oven
 Bake it in oven and eat it Hot.

Check the cheese mixed layers
Out of Oven, It smells heavenly

 We finished it instantly. All eyes on the Lasagna !

One portion & you are done.
Eat it & Burn it ! You cant pass up such a sinful treat for a few hundred calories, can you? ;)

JAMMs group pic. It was yummy !
See the smile on our faces, the food in our tummy brings that :D

Thank you Nandita for teaching and bearing our queries. Thank you Ritu and JAMMs for organising this session.

More information about Nandita:

  • She is a Mommy Foodpreneur. Dont go on her looks. She is fast, efficient and very passionate about making healthy food for kids. She wants to show how a Pizza and Pasta can be made healthy, if your kids eat just that.
  • She makes Healthy Meal Boxes for Kids or Teenagers which can be pre ordered. Currently she is making them for the kids in her complex. She plans to extend this into a proper venture with infrastructure and resources. 
  • Also she is loves to share her knowledge and passion so she will be conducting such cooking sessions too. You can check her Blog:  Stir It Quick 
Meet some lovely, interesting ladies in this session. Hope to catch up with you all soon again.

More interesting events I will be blogging about. Stay tuned. Come back really soon.

Bye. Take care.


  1. Fascinating. Lasagna looks so yummy - before baking, after baking and one portion. Slurp slurp
    I wish you had clearer pictures of the pasta machine - as is and while it's making pasta. Yeah, greedy ;)

    1. Haha Sundari ! Your wish is my command. I have enlarged the Pasta machine pic. Do check ;)
      Thank you for the comment :)

  2. Very well written article Nilima! I feel overwhelmed! Glad you guys liked the food!

    1. My pleasure Nandita :) You were really good. Very calm and also professional in conducting the workshop with a homely touch. Glad I joined the workshop. Hope to see more of your work. All the best ! :)

  3. Italian cuisine is my most favorite cuisine. Envy you for getting to attend that workshop. The lasagna looks so yummy :-D

    1. Thanks Shree Janani for the comment. Mine used to be Chinese now Italian is topping the list. The lasagna was yummy, I dont mean to make you J but it was healthy too :)

  4. How lovely. Such food workshop strengthen bonding among food sutra:)


    1. Thank you Vishal. Yes it does strengthen bonding and exchange of motivational ideas :)


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