Event: Mother's Day at KidZania Mumbai for #ZuperMomDay at #ZuperDayAtKidZania

Good day Everyone!
Its a week since Mother's day and I am still feeling the effect of it, Good and the Bad ! Good cause me,my son and hubby enjoyed a visit to KidZania Mumbai with JAMMs mommies. It was a super 5 hour outing. Bad cause my body was gladly exhausted and I am still nursing a bad cold :D

JAMMs in full force !
Have you seen the hoardings and ads for KidZania everywhere? Their slogan is:
Raho Curious, Bano Hoshiyaar
It is apt. You learn more with practically doing things and being curious instead of learning to do them. This theme park walks  its talk :)

Nevertheless, it was a memorable visit to the 75000 sq ft small city for Kids. Hence the name KidZania. We visited the Mumbai branch in R City Mall, Ghatkopar. Its an entertainment and educational theme park for kids. It allows kids to choose an occupation and pretend to be a doctor or a Fireman or a Policeman or a Construction worker.... Choose from 90+ occupation.

There are 2 slots in a day. We choose the 10am-3pm slot. At the Ticket counter you will be given Tickets, Map, a cheque, bracelet/watch, hair net. At the information desk you can ask all your queries. Since my kid is a toddler he was allowed 25 activities listed in the brochure.

Also the Highlight of the day as it was Mother's day or #ZuperMomDay at #ZuperDayAtKidZania, we mothers could choose any 5 out of 10 activities to do with our kids as their interns :D Its a privilege I feel as no parents are allowed for any activities. At the end of the day, Me and my kiddo managed to do 2 together.

First thing to do is convert your cheque into Kidzos, yes KidZania has its own currency. For some activities you pay, from some you earn. We had 50 Kidzos to spend.

The Yes bank for KidZania. The kids only will be given the Kidzos
 While we decided what to do first, The Clock Tower was announcing the time with a little dance.
Clock Tower
 There are two levels. These were some of the sections on the lower floor.
Parachute Hair Salon

Barber shop, come learn how to beautify people :)
Cadbury factory
Cute Dabbawalas delivering dabbas
Window cleaners

Kiwi fruit Quality testing lab

Godrej security vaults

They even have a petrol station and car driving area

For my kid the highlight of the day was to become a Fireman. He is crazy about the Firetruck, Firemen and how they douse out fires. So he was delighted to see that he could become a Fireman today. The one who cant sit still for 1 minute waited patiently till his turn came. Give his kidzos to the Fire chiefs. Listened to all their instructions. Wore the uniforms, rode the Firetruck with all its bells ringing and lights flashing. They got to douse out the fire in a Hotel with real water jets. He enjoyed that bit thoroughly !
Firemen !
 The next on his agenda was the Construction site coz it had a working Crane. He loves being a carpenter at home, can operate a crane at his Papa's factory so this was similar and fun. They were given helmets, jackets. They had to work and build a wall. Transport heavy loads with the crane. At the end, they earned Kidzos. He was super surprised when he got money back :D

Construction workers.
 There are eating areas, benches and a parents lounge on the upper floor with couches and free WiFi. We had a little bite to make sure our little tornado was recharged. His dad was already looking exhausted ;)

KidZania Police department
 Next I decided lets do some Mommy-son activity. One of which was being with the Police force. The kids were given uniforms along with some nice light emitting sticks. They were given instruction about their role to maintain law and order in KidZania. They were asked to patrol both the levels and report any miscreants, so that they could be locked up in the cell. I joined the team in patrolling the area. It was fun stopping kids who were running, who were being loud,.. We earned again Kidzos for safe guarding KidZania :D I got a stamp on my Intern card, as activity successfully completed :)

On the upper floor you have more entertaining activities. We parents made a bee line for the Parents lounge. Got our WiFi passwords and my hubby got busy with his phone. In the mean while our kiddo tried his hand at being a Doctor. They were shown how to do checkups, pacify babies.

For babies there are 2 activities. One is ABZ Elementary school and the other is Urbano's house.

The Urbano's house has a living room, a kitchen with everything from a toy fridge, oven, fruits, vegetables, plates, bowls, Iron, coffee maker. The bedroom has bouncy beds which the kids have fun jumping on and a bathroom that has a bathtub filled with balls to throw around.
Cupcake for you Mummy at Urbano's house


Mad over donuts, decorate your own donuts

Chocos factory

There were many factory setups on the upper floor but for older kids. There was the Cadbury factory, the Frooti factoy, Chocos, Coco Cola factory.

There are lot many other activities one can do like: Shiamak's Dance studio, Bollywood acting academy, Painting school, a theater, party hub,  Big bazar supermarket, face painting studio, pottery workshop, Radio stations, Journalists .... lots and lots. A day is not enough !

What I liked:
They ensure safety and entertainment of the kids at all times. The staff is attentive and cheerful. There is help available all around.
There are many clean bathrooms on both levels. There are feeding areas also available for young mothers. The kids have to wear the hair net for most activities. The bracelet/watch is scanned at start and end of each activity. 

What I wanted more:
They have their own photographer who will click close up photos of your kids in gear at each activity and give a number on a slip for that photograph. At the end you can go to their studio show all the slips, select the photos you want a print of. But what irritated me was the Cost. Please. KidZania team, keep appropriate cost for each photo. I would have loved a simple print of those photos and not as a memento in the form of  a key chain or a frame.
Certain activities take up too much time. Some way to speed up.

This has got to be the most memorable Mother's day for me. Thank you KidZania Mumbai and JAMMs.
Truly a #ZuperMomDay at #ZuperDayAtKidZania.

Planning to take my entire family's baccha party there soon. Wish me Luck ;)

Have you visited KidZania? Go Visit it now ! If yes, let us know your review of the place.

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Until next time. Bye. Take care.


  1. Wow! This reminds me of a children's museum we went to in Miami. I am sure the kiddo must have had loads of fun. :D

    1. Yes Shanaya the kid had loads of fun & mummy-dad were exhausted ;)
      Thank you for the comment.

  2. Sounds like such a fun outing. Would love to be a child again:)

    1. Thank you Vishal. Yes it was a fun outing & yes wish we can be a child again :)


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