Event: JAMMs Book Club meet and Book Reading by Kiran Manral

Good day everyone,
We at JAMMs are a no-nonsense group of ladies who empower women and each other to be good mothers, entrepreneurs, wives,friends,... The JAMMs Book Club is one of its most active and disciplined group. We have our book club meets thanks to Ritu and Sonia.
This was the 2nd book club meet I attended. This was at APB Cook Studio.

I have missed and heard lot of raving about APB and the sessions Rushina conducts. So I was glad this time I will be able to see in person what magic Rushina weaves which glues everyone along with salivate for the yummy things she makes.
Also the other star attraction for me to not miss this Book club meet was Book Reading by Kiran Manral. I have promoted Kiran's book: Karmic Kids on my blog and met her in person. A lady who will hug you, talk to you lovingly and remember you the next time you meet. Difficult for an Author who has 10000s of fan following, but Kiran manages that very well.

We started off with introduction of all the mommies. Then Kiran introduced her latest book: The Face at the Window. Its her first Thriller book. She answered our questions, read out some interesting and captivating snippets from the book. The story is based on an Anglo-Indian woman and has mentions of the Anglo-Indian cuisine, to Rushina's delight.

So Rushina started the hands on teaching of an Anglo-Indian dish: Chicken/Mushroom in White Wine sauce. She explained the concept of Wine, its use in cooking, myths and beliefs, tips about healthy cooking, how to get what you want from your husbands,... ;) You get the drift, right? Whats a Women's Book Club meet without some naughtiness. Yes we can blame it on the Wine we were served and the fumes of it from Rushina's yummy dishes. There was also a Dessert also Wine based.

I didnt go home Tipsy cause I had the: O-Tea. Rushina, I need the recipe for this lovely tea or the source to buy it from.
O-Tea, lovely and refreshing
There were some unlimited, yummy snacks made by ABP and Rushina's team. What more can a Mommy ask for, right?

But wait there was more.
Ankita from Lifestyleproblog had coaxed us to each get a book for a Book Exchange. We each got a book, numbered them, drew a numbered card, picked up the book for the respective number.

Tada! New book received and someone got our good, old, lovely book.

Ankita holding cards and Krishna going: Inimini miny moo
Our book collection

Our captivated audience watching Rushina stir up a storm

Book reading and some fun questions with Kiran Manral
Ritu and Kiran

Kiran and Rushina

3 Powerhouses in 1 frame, I call this pic. Glad to have clicked it :)
Kiran and Me. Hope to read & review her book soon. Stay Tuned !

Contest Alert !
 There was a Contest announced. Share a pic on Twitter with the Book theme in mind. The winner gets an Autographed copy of the book: The Face at the Window. Thats my version of the theme ;)

Goody Bag !
More Wines in the goody bag. The event was sponsored by Pause Wines. Apt tag line: Pause, Life can Wait!

JAMMs Book Club meet with Rushina and Kiran Manral at APB Cook Studio
Hope to do more good stuff, meet more like minded lovely people and Enjoy Life :)
Join JAMMs if you are a mommy based in Mumbai.

The first Book Club meet was with Payal Gidwani:
Event: JAMMs Fitness workshop with Payal Gidwani and Bookclub meet

Bye. Take care.


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