Event: Mast Santa organised by JAMM's, one bag leading to empowerment

Good day People,
I have recently joined a group called: JAMM's ( Journey About Mast Mother's). This group tries to empower women to get into mainstream after becoming a mother. I have been getting Whatsapp updates dozens in a day, informing about various workshops, events, seminars conducted on these lines. A very active community of mothers helping each other get productive after childbirth, help fulfill their desires and passions. :)

Few days ago I received this on the group page. Its nearing Christmas and End of year time. After Diwali cleaning lot of stuff is ready to be thrown away. How about making it reusable for a needy person and spread the Joy of the Season.

Mast Santa
If you have a spare bag, fill it up daily essentials, hygiene products or eatables. Gift this bag to a lady on the street. We encouraged ladies everywhere to donate such goody bags to ladies on the street. One woman empowering another woman. Also it need not be before 25th Dec. This can be done anytime, anywhere :)

I actually had my office bag gathering dust since I quit work 1.5years ago. I was thinking of what to do with it. This initiative sounded just the thing that would make it useful once more for someone else other than my maids, who get a lot of such things from their employers.

So I volunteered on the group to do it in few days.
Luckily Ritu, the COO of JAMM's got the help of Times of India and Maharashtra Times to help spread the word. So this was the small group who could gather in Thane and were our Mast Santa's. Ritu is in the Center with Antlers ;)

 Here are JAMM's members donating goody bags :)

These ladies on the street are forever on the move. They carry small children with them. We added food items, soaps, shampoos, sanitary pads, old woolen clothes, oil etc.
Some of us had a tough time finding ladies who really needed such bags. My bag went to a ragpicker lady near Thane stadium.

 Apart from doing a good deed, I also got to meet some lovely mommies, each doing something unique. From bloggers to belly dance teachers to volunteers at NGO's.  JAMM's is really motivating mommies to follow their hobbies and then getting mommies to network and spread the word.

Our Mast Santa initiative was covered like this:
On Times of India: http://timesofindia.indiatimes.com/city/thane/Met-in-virtual-world-mothers-spread-Xmas-joy-on-a-social-note/articleshow/50142999.cms

In Maharashtra Times: http://maharashtratimes.indiatimes.com/maharashtra/thane-kokan/jam-is-santa-clause-for-them/articleshow/50210848.cms

I am still getting messages from friends who wanted to gift bags to needy people on the streets.
So whenever you have a spare/old bag, fill it up with daily essentials and gift to a needy person. Anyone,Anytime, Anyplace can do this !

My friend who is a nurse in USA, says they do this around winter in their hospital by filling bags with woolens so that the homeless people can stay warm.

Merry Christmas and Happy New year !!!


  1. very nice..this is the true spirit of any fest/celebration. :)

  2. Replies
    1. Yes Rubina, its a really simple way of spreading happiness :)

  3. awesome!!
    you ladies spread the festive mood around...

    1. :) Thanks Ruchira. Glad I met JAMM's group

  4. Superb initiative Nilima. Congrats on news coverage too. I am yet to do it. But will surely do

    1. Thanks Sundari. Yes, try it. Super simple way of recycling


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