Event: Umbrella Painting with JAMM mommies and kids at Bright Beginnings Preschool, Thane

Greetings People,
This is a late post for a fun activity me and my son were part of. It was a mother-child Umbrella Painting workshop at Bright Beginnings Preschool at Talaopali, Thane for JAMMies.

We were asked to get an Umbrella, paint brush, fabric paints and oh yes kid(s). I know the attention span of my 3yr old and his artistic side so I didnt expect much.

My son has been to Bright Beginnings Preschool for the Jungle Cubs Summer camp they conducted in May. He and his friend had fun going there for 10days to jump, hop, crawl, shoot hops, climb, do cart wheels,... basically FreePlay, everything which kids love doing in and this being in a padded secure space so good for us parents.

Bright Beginnings Preschool is a brain child of Shweta Nayak and Benita. They are 2 enthusiastic women who have brought a different aspect to preschool and teaching.

We had the teachers from the preschool to help us. With our Umbrella's unfurled, the teacher asked the kids what theme they wanted to paint on the umbrella and drew with chalk raindrops, rainbows, clouds, sun, moon, stars,...

The kids depending on their age painted with the fabric paints assisted by their mommies. They were going to choose winners so everyone tried to paint their best. It was a riot of colors in the room, umbrella, hands, clothes :D Next time I am going to make my kid wear an apron ;)

In 1 hour we had recycled, makeover-umbrella's set to dry. Till the umbrella and their paint dried, we did a round of introductions and asked Shweta to tell us more about the Preschool.

The Bright Beginnings Preschool has:
-Preschool for toddlers
-Daycare. You can keep the kids on hourly basis too apart from 6days a week. I am going to try the hourly basis daycare sometime soon as my kid loves the place, I am sure it will be great.
-Russian Ballet: This is first time in Thane. There are basic and advanced batches for little ballerinas :).
-Story telling sessions
-Manners and beyond session
-Jungle Cub session
-Mother-Toddler programs
-They are soon going to start a Book Exchange program.

We announced 3 winners and the kids were pulled out of the Play area where they played to their hearts content.
It was fun meeting so many JAMMies again and also get to know Bright Beginnings Preschool. The event let us mommies relax and let the kids have fun around their mommies. It was a great bonding activity for fellow mommies and mother-kids.

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Bright Beginnings Preschool

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See all the fun things I have done being a JAMMy ;)

Hoping to spend some more Mother-son time very soon.

Till then Have a great week ahead.
Take care !


  1. That looks like a completely fun activity. :D awesome and colourful pics

    1. Thank you Sundari :) Yes, it was a colorful & fun activity ;)


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