Event-Amit Makwana Poem Exhibition 9th nov 2011

Hi Good day !
2days ago one of my friend/partner in crime for fun activities called me up to tell me about a Poem exhibition Inauguration on 9th Nov 2011@Prince of Wales Museum. She talked about this poet-Amit Makwana who wrote poems & drew digital drawings of what he pictured in his mind when writing them. She had blogged about it. Read it here.

It sounded interesting since when reading/listening/feeling I have a tendency to visualize it too.
So I joined my friend after office hours.

The Coomaraswamy hall where the exhibition was held.

The poet Amit Makwana and his inspiration for the poems-his wife,Kruti :) Lovely lady & great pair they make.

Amit writes about the indian tricolor, life, woman, his wife, babies, romance, sensuality,....

Posting the pics of poems, paintings & why I liked them.


He writes poems & then draws digital drawings of them. He has 2more artists who paint his poems. This is the poem & the paintings which actually made me want to attend this event. The poem is 'You are a Woman'

Poem-I wish you a Happy Birthday my Life. This was for his wife-Kruti on her birthday when they got engaged.

Can you guess what this poem is about? Poem-‘She Is Waiting For Me’

He calles it Success Lady, yes & its about Success! What did you think? :D

Poem-Stepping forward. Perfect words !

Poem-I am Love' The State Of Mind
This I liked too among a lot of them which I have put up pictures of. I quoted a few lines on my FB wall too:

Face Dazzles and legs dance with rhythm
Fingers play some instruments in rhyme
Strange sensation within keeps me going
I really dont care why and what i am doing

I am Love and Love this state of Mind
I am Love' The State Of Mind

Poem-I Believe this is Love. This is the Love

Poem-Wish you the Best.
Fits me perfectly,I usually wish everyone in this way :)

A beautiful one. Hope you can read on the enlarged image.
Poem-a MOTHER a divine WOMAN

Poem-Celebrate Life Forever. Perfect depiction of the words in the painting.

Colors !

An interesting depiction. Poem-I want to be a part of you

Thats Yashvi, Amit's 2year old daughter. Cute she is. He has 2daughters & has written many poems about them too :) Touch wood for the entire family.

Amit being felicitated by the kids in his family :)

An interesting evening spent !
To visit Amit Makwana site: http://www.ripplesofarts.com/

Thank you my friend for inspiring me to join in to spend a lovely evening.

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  1. thank you so much for your kind words...
    thanks for reading and feeling my poems and sketches...

  2. Hi Nilima,
    that was very fast :)
    and your blog looks good with a lot of feeling too

    your partner in crime!

  3. Wow, very neat! This is a really, a great site! I am wondering, if anyone else has come across something, similar, in the past. Keep up, the great work! :)

  4. I loved the poem on the colors! How refreshing :)
    Nice job capturing wonderful things!

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